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Online shop - Amazon Prime

Now, Soon's actuators also available on We provide prime service for U.S. customers. Customers could receive products in 2-day and free shipping. We're also providing FBM service worldwide, with wholesale discount.  

Please check: Soon Industrial Storefront Page On Amazon

Soon Industrial with amazon prime
amazon linear actuator soon industrial

Great linear actuator, smooth and powerful, with just the right amount of adjustment to make sure that it fits (the shaft will unscrew for fine length control and to allow mounting the brackets in a parallel or perpendicular fashion). Good inline design with stainless and aluminum parts. Smooth operation with gentle hum, good schematics for designing correct fitment. I fitted two of these to a double hung window and the result is spectacular - see pics (with some extra brackets from Bansbach). Service from Soon Industrial is great - I had a couple of questions and they got back to me quickly.

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