AOV, Automatic Opening Vent Systems

What Is the AOV System?

AOV system, Automatic Opening Ventilation system, is mechanical that opening windows to exhaust heat or smoke. The mechanism is triggered by Switch, Detectors, or Fire Panel. 


Why Should Buildings Install AOV Systems?

There is smoke ventilation regulation in some countries requiring AOV systems or SHEV systems, Smoke and Heat Ventilation System.  The details of the regulations are different across countries. The systems are exhausting heat or smoke from Rooflights/ Roof louvers/ high windows. Some studies show that over 90% of fire-related death are caused by smoke inhalation. With the help of SHEV systems, it will provide people more time to escape from a fire.


Application Of The AOV / SHEV System

The AOV / SHEV system is applicable in public buildings, large factories, malls, stairways of apartments, or commercial buildings. The system should plan by qualified agents case by case and inspect by local governments. 


Work With Us 

Soon Industrial provides different Electric Actuators to mechanically opening windows for ventilation. We have Window Actuators for electrically opening skylight windows, outward opening windows, sliding windows, jalousie windows (louver windows). We also have Actuator Controller support for the AOV system.


Our products have been applied to over 200 buildings in Taiwan. Most of our Electric Actuators were specially design for window actuators. Our experienced engineers will help you find the right specs of products for your system. Make it work great as a part of your AOV systems. 


Please Provide Us Following Information For Consultation

- Floor plan of AOV system with window dimensions

- Type and material of windows

Cases Of Smoke Ventilation Windows 

Smoke vent window - soon industrial - 9.
Smoke vent window - soon industrial - 1.
Smoke vent window - soon industrial - 2.
Smoke vent window - soon industrial - 3.
Smoke vent window - soon industrial - 4.
Smoke vent window - soon industrial - 5.
Smoke vent window - soon industrial - 6.
Smoke vent window - soon industrial - 7.
Smoke vent window - soon industrial - 8.

Simple Diagram Of Window Vent System

Demo of Window Opening System - Outward