AOV, Automatic Opening Vent Systems

In some countries, there is smoke ventilation regulation required AOV, Automatic Opening Vent System in buildings which is with large internal volume space.


According to statistics, over 90% of fire related death are caused by smoke suffocation. AOV system will some extract smoke, toxic gases, buy short but precious extra time for people to escape from fire.


Once smoke happened, the AOV system will trigger by smoke sensors. And pass signal to central control system. Then all smoke ventilation windows will open immediately. Opening skylight or higher windows for helping extract heat and toxic gases. Lower windows could help for induce cool air for preventing building from overheating and explosions.


The related regulations are different across countries. In general, AOV system applicated in public buildings, large factories, malls, stairway of apartments or commercial buildings.


Soon Industrial provide different electric motors to mechanically opening windows for ventilation. We have products for electrically opening skylight windows, outward opening windows, sliding windows, jalousie ( louver ) windows. And there is also smoke vent controller support daily window operation and AOV system.


KST series electric actuators are passed 30,000 to 100,000 working test. Provide 2 years warranty of one to one replacement.

Cases Of Smoke Ventilation Windows 


Simple Diagram Of Window Vent System

Parts Available From Soon Industrial

1. Linear
KST-B - actuator controller - 125x120.jpg
2. Actuator Controller
KST-B1-M3-J - 125x120.jpg
3. Wall

Parts Which Is Ownself


Aluminum Awning Windows

( or side opening windows, top opening windows, Pivoted Windows)


Power Supply

( AC 110V or AC 220V )


Sensors, Central Control System


2 pins electrical wire

( Connect "actuators" with "controller" )


4 pins electrical wire

( Connect "controller" with "controller" )


2 pins power cord

( Connect "controller" with "power supply" )


2 pins electric wire

( Connect "controller" with "sensor" )

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