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App For Automatic Window Opener 

  • App for controlling automatic window openers, electric curtains and shutters.

  • Based on AWS ( Amazon web service ), worked with Wi-Fi.

  • Simple system for smart home beginner. Do not need to buy another smart home gateway.

  • The administrator could share device with many family members or co-workers.

  • Push notification for users perceiving the status of windows.

KST-BT-610A app aishutter (1)

Wi-Fi signal receiver and the app

KST-BT-610A app aishutter (5)
KST-BT-610A app aishutter (4)

For controlling automatic window opener with smart phone

KST-BT-610A app aishutter (2)

The app is free

KST-BT-610A app aishutter (3)

Details about KST-BT-610A app

  • The device is work with actuator controller which built-in 3 button switch dry contact to controlling the movement of linear actuators. And there should be DC power supply for the device.


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