Remote Parallel Actuator Controller 

  • Built-in RF 433 remote receiver, which could use remote controller to operate.

  • KST-B1 Series Actuator Controllers are for a series of 24VDC Electric Actuator working TOGETHER.

  • Built-in OVER CURRENT PROTECTION for each system.

  • Supported to FIRE DETECTOR CENTRAL CONTROL for SHEV application.

  • SENSOR PORT for AUTOMATIC mechanism application.

  • Memorized a period of let-through current in seconds.

  • The PCB and Ring Transformer are protected by a stainless steel case with 1mm thickness.

  • KST-B18 with built-in 8 A transformer, which maximum support number is 8 pcs linear actuators.

  • Product Brochure of KST-B1 Actuator Controller.

KST-B1 parallel actuator controller -  (2)

KST-B1, for parallel controlling of multiple linear actuators

KST-B1 parallel actuator controller -  (1)

Built-in programmable PCB panel with ring-type transformer

KST-B1 parallel actuator controller -  (6)

The dimension of case is L 140mm x 260mm D x 100mm H

Connection Instructions

There are ports for, electric actuators, transformer, wall switch, sensors, on the pcb.

KST-B1 parallel actuator controller -  (5)

Built-in remote control receiver PCB panel

KST-B1-PCB connecting a series of PCBs

Case of connect 9 pcs of KST-B1 actuator controller for controlling all windows in a factory.

KST-B1 parallel actuator controller -  (7)

Application on automatic louver window openers in a farm

KST-B1 parallel actuator controller -  (4)

Application on automatic louver window openers in office

Details About KST-B18-R Actuator Controller

Notifications: the numbers of "connectable actuators" are only for suggestion. The working current will different according to the weight beared by linear actuators. Please contact us for how to select right actuator controller for your mechanism. 

Demo Of Automatic Window Opening System

Demo of Window Opening System - Outward
automatic window opening system in MRT_S

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