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Electric Actuators are in our everyday life. Base on our KST Series Electric Actuators, there could be infinity applications to turning your ideas possible!


Automatic Window Opening System

Now, we mainly focus on Automatic Window Opening Systems. Regarding smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system. Our Electrical Window Opening System could make opening the High windows much more easily. As the SMART HOME System getting more popular, our control system could provide signals to most SMART Home systems. Therefore, people could control their windows and setting automatic scenarios on phones.


As Building Material

With the help of electric actuators, you may design cabinets which could open electrically. Electrical TV lift. Automatic Roof hatch, or Basement hatch...


For modifying the side doors on vending vans

Traditional side doors on vending vans are opening by the support of gas spring. You may replace the gas spring by Linear Actuators. It will be easier to open the heavy doors and get ready.


Simple manufacturing machinery

KST electric actuators could make some simple motion control work. It’s a cost-efficiency choose to work with our product on manufacturing machinery.

Products are passed CE, LVD, EMC, RoHS, or SGS Tests.

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- Maximum lift: 60 to 120 kgf

- IP rating: IP32, IP54, IP65

- Speed: 9, 12, 18 mm/sec

- Stroke length: 50mm to 1,000mm

- Types: Linear Actuators, Chain Actuators, Track Actuators

KST-B - actuator controller -



- Systems: Controlling a series of actuators (windows), Solo control system, RF remote control.

​- Supports: SHEV system, Smart Home, Sensors.




- Annual Product Catalog

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- Installation Instructions

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- Applications: SHEV systems, High Windows, Smart Home system, Factory windows.

- Type: Awning windows, Sliding windows, Jalousie windows, Skylight windows.

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- Brackets for simple motion applications.

- Brackets for different Windows.

Image by Roberto Cortese


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We specialized in motion system design and application. Based on over 20 years of experience of manufacture linear actuators. We are dedicated to developing inline design Linear Actuators and Automatic Window Opening Systems.

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