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Products Of Electric Actuators And Related

KST Electric Actuators

There are several product lines of Electric Actuators. Most of the actuators are made of motors with 24VDC and limited switches on both ends. Such as KST-A01, KST-A02, KST-E01, and KST-E02 linear actuators. Based on engagement in the field of Automatic Window Opening Systems. We explored the product lines to Chain Actuators, Track Actuators, and Spindle Actuators (with overload protection inside.)

The electric actuators are made of high-quality raw materials and a consistent manufacturing process to provide more stable window control systems. 

  • Product Line Of Electric Actuators: Linear Actuators, Chain Actuators, Track Actuators, Spindle Actuators

  • Maximum Lift: 60 to 120 kgf

  • IP Rating: IP32, IP54, IP65

  • Speed: 9, 12, 18 mm/sec

  • Travel Length: 48mm to 1,000mm

Soon Industrial_linear actuators_automatic window openers -  (11).jpg

KST Automatic Window Opening Systems

Now, we mainly focus on Automatic Window Opening Systems. Regarding smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system(SHEV). Our Electrical Window Opening System could make opening the High windows much more easily. As the SMART HOME System is getting more popular, our control system could provide signals to most SMART Home systems. Therefore, people could control their windows and setting automatic scenarios on phones.

  • Applications: SHEV systems, High-level Windows, Smart Home system, Factory windows.

  • For several type of windows: Outward opening windows, Sliding windows, Jalousie windows, Skylight windows.

automatic window openers_smoke vent_restaurant_soon Industrial_ (5).jpg

Window Control Units

Our control units are specially for window control units. For operating windows electrically. Moreover, the control units also support for smoke vent systems and Smart Home modular.

  • Systems: Controlling a series of actuators (windows), Solo control system, RF remote control.

  • Supports: SHEV system, Smart Home, Sensors.

smoke vent windows_gym_soon industrial_ (3).jpg

Mounting Brackets

  • Brackets made for installation linear actuators on windows.

  • Brackets for simple motion applications.

KST-BKT-01-80-RA_Soon Industrial -  (6)_s.jpg

Smart Wall Switch App

  • KST-VZ-213S Smart Switch is an additional unit to upgrade the Automatic Window Opening Systems for people controlling windows through App.

KST-VZ-213S - WiFi smart switch for automatic window opening system -  (10).jpg

Latest Product Catalog

  • Annual Product Catalog

  • Product Brochure

  • Installation Instructions Of Window Systems

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Soon Industrial Online Store

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