KST-A02 series
Linear Actuator Linear Actuator

  • COMPACT SIZE with 60 kgf force. Volume Downsizes to 53%. Net Weight cut down to 71%. Much cost down the shipping costs. 

  • With TRACK inside, the inner tube will NOT be ROTATED while it is extending outward or retracting inward.

  • Made with precision machined spur geared motors with METAL GEARS from TAIWAN.

  • LOW WORKING CURRENT, min. is about 0.1 A (no-load). 

  • Tolerance is less than 1mm, perfect for controlling a row of KST-A linear actuators IN A SERIES.

  • The product is protected by 2-LIMIT SWITCH on both ends. When the actuators are fully extended or retracted, the motor's power supply will be cut automatically.

  • Maximum pressure force is 600 N/ 60 kgf/ 135 lbf.

  • Aluminum Alloy Die-castings seals the bottom and top. High strength, anti-corrosion. It was largely extending the lifespan of products.

  • Anti-rust. Cover by HIGH QUALITY of aluminum alloy with excellent anodized treatment.

  • IP54 rated good weather resistance for SEMI-OUTDOOR use. Protect against dust and splashing water.

  • Low noise with 52 dB.

  • SGS certified. Passed 100,000 cycles Endurance Test, Push Up Test, Compression Test, IP66 protection test.

  • Product Brochure Of KST-A02 Linear Actuator

  • Installation Instruction On Automatic Window Opening System

limit switch

Limit Switch

There're limit switches on both ends. Make sure that the movement distance is equal to the stroke length.


Anodized Treatment

Anti-rust & abrasion-resistant. After a few years of explosion under the natural environment, KST-A linear actuator is still looked great.

motor in linear actuator

Motor w/ Metal Gear

All motors are from the world's top micro geared motors Taiwanese manufacturer, with metal gear inside. 

support to smart home system

Support Smart Home

There are signal ports for the smart home system in our Actuator Controller.

KST-A02 linear actuator - 2

New product coming up spring 2018. Shrink product dimension by 30%. Maintained KST-A series powerful strength

KST-A02 linear actuator

New product coming up spring 2018

KST-A02 linear actuator

Stroke length from 50mm to 300mm

KST-A02 linear actuator

Minimum size, 700N smooth strength to open 70% of windows

KST-A02 linear actuator

Elegant light, well anodized treatment for compact with your tasteful designed building

KST-A02 linear actuator

The bottom of KST-A02, well protected, IP54 rated

KST-A02-H handle for KST-A02

Handle for KST-A02. More flexible adjustment

KST-A02 line drawing

Details About KST-A02 Linear Actuators

Standard Stroke Length Of KST-A02 Linear Actuators

Customizable Specifications

  • Color of housing: With anodized treatment. MOQ 20 pcs.

  • Stroke Length: From 48 to 300 mm. MOQ 5 pcs.

  • Rod Material: Upgrade to SUS 304.

  • IP Rating:Nearing IP 65 ( Not recommend for outdoor using. )

  • If there is any customized inquire, please contact us directly for your needs.

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