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KST Series Automatic Window Opener​

​Window Controls For Skylight Windows/ Roof lights

automatic skylight window

Automatic Skylight Window Modular
w/ Window Frames

This product is a set of Modular Skylight Window with KST Automatic Window Opening Mechanism. The bottom aluminum frames were made special structures, which could keep great natural vent when the window was closed. 

(Modular from First Metal Product Industrial Co., Ltd.)

  • Opening Area: 0.75*1 square meter (8.073 square ft)

  • Opening Angle:  about 45 degrees

  • Roof Type: either on RC or corrugated sheet

  • U.S. Pat. No. 9,772,114 B2

automatic skylight modular
automatic window opener_skylight_hospital_soon industrial

Automatic Skylight Opening System

Installed KST Automatic Window Opening System as window controls on skylight windows or roof lights.

  • Suggest Maximum Opening Area: 1*1 square meter (10.76 square ft)

  • Opening Angle: Our technician will help you to calculate the opening angle.

  • Window Actuators: Based on 24VDC KST Electric Actuators, KST-S01, KST-S02


The Automatic Window Opening System
Can be Installed in...

White Walls

Cases Of Skylight Windows With Automatic Opening System


If you need to consult about Automatic Window Opening Systems. Please send us the window drawing with dimensions. Our team will contact you soon!


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