KST-E02 series
Linear Actuator, 1000N

  • Stainless Steel 304 Inner rod enhances force and durability. The thickness of the stainless steel tube is 1.5mm.

  • Tolerance is less than 1mm, perfect for controlling a row of KST-E02 series linear actuators IN A SERIES.

  • The product was protected by 2-LIMIT SWITCH on both ends. When the actuators are fully extended or retracted, the power supply to the motor will be cut automatically.

  • Maximum pressure force is 1,000 N/ 102 kgf/ 225 lbf..

  • Zinc Alloy Die-castings sealed the bottom and top. High strength, anti-corrosion. It was largely extending the lifespan of products.

  • Anti-rust. Cover by HIGH QUALITY of aluminum alloy with excellent anodized treatment.

  • IP54 rated good weather resistance for SEMI-OUTDOOR use. Protect against dust and splashing water.

  • Low noise with 48 dB.

  • Product Brochure Of KST-E02 Linear Actuator.

  • Installation Instruction On Automatic Window Opening System. (YouTube Channel)

KST-E02 linear actuator - 1

KST-E02 linear actuator - 1

Linear actuator with Stainless steel inner rod. Maximum loading is 100kgs

KST-E02 linear actuator - 2

KST-E02 linear actuator - 2

KST-E02 travel length is from 50mm to 400mm. Travel length and color is customizable

KST-E02 linear actuator - 3

KST-E02 linear actuator - 3

The KST-E02 linear actuators are made in Taiwan will high-quality material

KST-E02 linear actuator - 4

KST-E02 linear actuator - 4

The bottom was sealed by Zinc alloy die-castings. High strength, anti-corrosion. Largely extending the life of products

KST-E02 linear actuator - 5

KST-E02 linear actuator - 5

Stainless steel inner tube increase the durability and anti-corruption

KST-E02 linear actuator - 6

KST-E02 linear actuator - 6

Extra tube fixing base, enhance strength of rod against external force or sudden wind pressure

KST-E-H holder mounting bracket -  (7)

KST-E-H holder mounting bracket - (7)

The special holder is for adjusting the direction of force slightly

Details About KST-E02 Linear Actuators

Standard Stroke Length Of KST-E02 Linear Actuator

Customizable Specifications

  • Stroke Length: From 50 to 1000 mm. MOQ 5 pcs.

  • If there is any customized inquire, please contact us directly for your needs.

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