KST-C01 series 
Single Chain Actuator

  • The product is an excellent great solution for Automatic Window Opening Systems for Improving natural vent with High Windows. Or work with the SHEV system.

  • Applicable on Top Hung Windows, Bottom Hung Windows, and Side Hung windows.

  • DIT kit, easy for installation on the general type of windows.

  • Quiet, noise level only 38 dB. Recommend as an automatic window opener for school, household, or healthcare center.

  • Double link chain made of stainless steel. More stable and smooth.

  • Maximum pressure force is 400N (40kgf/ 88lbf). 

  • The housing of KST-C chain actuators is made by aluminum alloy in which the surface is treated by anti-cathode oxidation. It greatly improves the rigidity and anti-corrosion.

  • The motor is with built-in Over Current Protection.

  • Provide built-in RF Remote control function version (optional).

  • Special brackets and fastenings are included.

  • With CE, RoHS certifications.

  • Product Brochure Of KST-C01 Chain Actuator.

  • Installation Instruction On Automatic Window Opening System. (YouTube Channel)

KST-C01 single chain actuator diy kit -

Chain Material

The material of the chain could upgrade to stainless steel chain. Largely improving anti-rust grading. 

KST-C01 single chain actuator diy kit -

RF Remote Control

Built-in remote control panel. With an automatic chain window opener, it's so easy to open high windows.

KST-C01 single chain actuator diy kit -


It takes only 10 minutes for installation. Popular among home DIYers.


Support Smart Home

There are signal port for smart home system in our Actuator Controller.

KST-C01 chain actuator - 1

KST-C01 chain actuator. Stroke length from 50 mm to 400 mm.

KST-C01 chain actuator - 2

KST-C01-R is built-in remote function with 110/ 220 VDC

KST-C01 chain actuator - 3

DIY package of KST-C01 chain actuator as automatic window opener

KST-C01 chain actuator - 4

KST-C01 chain actuator mounting on awning window with remote control.

KST-C01 chain actuator - 5

KST-C01 chain actuator. Easy to mounting on the sash of window.

KST-C01 chain actuator - 6

KST-C01 chain actuator. Super silent, noise level only 38 dB.

KST-C01 - DC -  line drawing

Chain actuator for electric window opener, 24V DC or 12V DC

KST-C01 - AC -  line drawing

Chain actuator for electric window opener, 110V AC or 220V AC

KST-C01 chain actuator - 7

Install chain actuator as automatic window opener on higher awning windows

KST-C01 chain actuator - 8

Operate windows by remote control

KST-C01 chain actuator - 9

Application in large factory with parallel control all windows with just a button

Details About KST-C01 Single Chain Actuators

Standard Chain Length Of KST-C01 Single Chain Actuator

Customizable Specifications

  • Color of housing: With anodized treatment. MOQ 20 pcs.

  • Stroke Length: From 100 to 600 mm. MOQ 5 pcs.

  • Rod Material: Upgrade to SUS 304.

  • If there is any customized inquire, please contact us directly for your needs.

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