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KST Automatic Window Opener

Window controls on
Outward Opening Windows

Based On Linear Actuators

Window opening system based on LINEAR ACTUATORS. The window controls mechanism is based on mounting linear actuators on both sides of window sashes. When the linear actuators extended, windows will open electrically. 

Based On Chain Actuators

Window opening system based on CHAIN ACTUATORS. The chain actuators will be mounted on the bottom/ side/ top frame of outward opening windows. Pull out and push back window sashes by extending or retracting the chain on electric actuators.

Check Points Of Your Windows

  • Window Types: Top Hung Windows, Side Hung Windows/ Casement windows, Bottom Hung Windows

  • Maximum Dimension Of Windows: 1 meter by 1 meter each.

  • Material Of Window Frames: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless steel. Or there should be additional reinforcement steel sheet.

  • Window Hinge: (1) Butterfly Hinge for mechanism based on Linear Actuators; (2) 4-bar Hinge for mechanism based on Chain Actuators.


The Automatic Window Opening System Could be Installed in...


Differences Between Windows Opening By

Linear Actuators / Chain Actuators

different between linear actuator and ch
Light and Shadow

Cases Of Outward Opening Windows With Automatic Systems