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KST Series Automatic Window Opener

​Automatic Sliding Window Openers

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KST-SL01 and KST-SL02 electric actuators were developed based on the structure of sliding windows. The  mechanism was connecting the window sash and window frame by special brackets. The electric window openers will push/ pull the window sash stably by the spindle inside the instrument.

Electric window openers are usually installed either on the high windows in residential houses or a series of windows in large buildings. Therefore, there are two models for opening sliding windows electrically. KST-SL01 sliding window opener is built-in RF controlling panels, which is for controlling windows separately. KST-SL02 sliding window opener is for connecting numbers of products and controlling by a central controller.


Difference Between


Sliding Window Openers


The Automatic Window Opening System Could be Installed in...


Check Points Of Your Windows

w/ KST-SL01 Window Opener

KST-SL01 automatic sliding window opener_sample.jpg

Space for installation > The body length of KST-SL01

Opening Range = ? cm

Height of bottom window frame > 3 cm

Window opening direction: Right opening or Left opening (from interior) 

The Depth of bottom window frame

Not suggest for install on ACOUSTIC WINDOWS.

 There will be a BLOCK on the corner of bottom or upper track.

KST-SL01 track linear actuator - 1_284_3

Extra Hardening

The inner tube was undergoing extra hardening and anti-oxidation treatment.

KST-SL01 - automatic sliding window open


When there is any obstacle on the track. The machine will stop immediately.

KST-SL01 - automatic sliding window open

Dual Operation

Disconnect the special pin for manual opening windows when the power went out.

smart wall switch for automatic window opener

Support Smart Home

There are signal port for smart home system in our Actuator Controller.