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Frequently Asked Questions

English Ver.

Request Of Our Latest Product Catalog.

Here is the online version of our latest product catalog. Please download from google drive: If you need to have hard copies, please provide details of the recipient's details to, including the company name, address, phone numbers, and contact person.

Where To Buy Our Products?

There're several ways to buy our products. 1. Contact us directly. We will assign one of our sales agents to select the right product for your applications and arrange payment and shipment. 2. Online store If you very confirm the specs of the products you need. You may purchase online: (1) Soon Industrial Online Store: (2) eBay: 3. Need a local agent for service. We are looking for a distributor around the world. Please contact us directly and provide your country. We will give you our local distributor list. Or please refer to the following page for more information:

How To Choose Actuators According Loading Capacity?

There are general range for you to reference. 1. Lower than 20 kgf - KST-SL01 2. Between 20 kgf to 40 kgf - KST-C01 3. Between 40 kgf to 60 kgf - KST-A02KST-C02KST-S01KST-SL02 4. Between 60 kgf to 80 kgf - KST-A01KST-E01 5. Between 80 kgf to 100 kgf - KST-E02 6. Between 100 kgf to 120 kgf - KST-S02

Actuators For Outdoor Applications?

We recommend KST-S01 or KST-S02 spindle actuators.
Both are IP 66 rated, especially for outdoor use.
If the environment is semi-outdoor, and you have budget consideration.
You may choose KST-A01 and upgrade to IP 65. All KST series actuators are provided 1-year warranty for one-to-one exchange.

How To Choose Window Actuators For My Windows?

We have a generally category for following 4 types of windows: 1. Outward Opening Windows, which including: side opened, top opened, bottom opened. 2. Skylight Windows 3. Jalousie Windows ( Louvered Windows ) 4. Sliding Windows Or you may send us the picture or drawing with dimension of your windows. We could recommend most suitable window opening system for you.

I Need Customized Product. Do You Have Minimum Order Quantities?

We could customized following specs: 1. Stroke Length 2. Color of outer aluminum case 3. Speed ( Only KST-A01 ) There is no minimum order quantities for either standard product or customized product. But the price will be lower for orders are more than 100 pcs.

What The Terms And Condition Of Placing Orders?

Please refer to the General Terms And Conditions Of Sales: 1. Payment: T/T, PayPal, 100% deposit before shipment. 2. Carriers: DHL, FedEx/TNT, Post office 3. Warranty: Actuators and Controllers for 12 months; One For One Exchange Warranty. 4. Duty taxes are not including in the quota.

Consultation About Automatic Window Opening System

We provide free automatic window opening system planning. Please provide us following details of your windows. We will assign one experienced engineer to help you. 1. Window dimension with drawings or photos 2. Operation system: parallel control/ remote control/ app control/ fire system, or other applications. 3. Materials of the Window frame. 4. Preferring opening range/ angle. !! We strongly recommend confirming with us before placing an order !!

How To Become a Local Distributor In My Country?

Now, we are looking for Local Distributors around the world. There are some conditions for becoming our Local Distributors:
1. Companies of electric window openers: the company is already selling and providing installation service for electric window openers. Your company is looking for new and more trustable products for sale.
2. Aluminum window company: the company now is manufacturing aluminum windows and providing installation service. Your company would like to expand their service into electric window openers.
3. Automation company, smart home system company, or other related industries.
Contact us for further information:


Traditional Chinese Ver.


可直接透過 Google 雲端下載我們的最新產品型錄: 若需要索取紙本型錄,請提供您的名片及寄件資料 (收件人、地址、收件電話),我們將會盡快將紙本寄給您。


您可以透過以下管道購買舜元產品: 1. 直接與我們聯絡 我們團隊將會協助您選擇合適的電動推桿及週邊配件,提供優惠報價及協調出貨事宜。 2. 網路商店 若您已確認所需要的產品規格,可直接至我們的網路商店購買標準規格的產品: (1) 舜元線上商城(海外客戶): (2) 舜元蝦皮賣場(台灣): 3. 聯絡在地代理商 我們提供台灣本島各地的安裝服務,也可協助您連繫在地窗廠,提供帶窗料的一條龍的安裝服務。


KST 系列電動推桿可依最大推拉力分為以下等級: 1. 小於 20 公斤: KST-SL01、 KST-SL02 2. 介於 20 至 40 公斤: KST-C01 3. 介於 40 至 60 公斤: KST-A02KST-C02KST-S01 4. 介於 60 至 80 公斤: KST-A01KST-E01 5. 介於 80 至 100 公斤: KST-E02 6. 介於 100 至 120 公斤: KST-S02


若是要放置在戶外、車輛、船舶上使用,推薦選用 KST-S01KST-S02 螺桿式電動推桿,產品防護等級可升級至 IP67。 若是要放在有屋簷不會淋到雨的半戶外型環境,您也可以選用 KST-A01 直線型電動推桿,這款推桿可特別客製 IP65 的防護等級。 所有電動推桿皆提供 1 年的保固,在建議的使用條件/環境下,若出現異常的情況,提供同規格推桿換貨或維修的服務。


我們大致為窗戶區分為以下 4 個窗型: 1. 外推窗:包含上掀窗、側開窗、外倒窗及內倒窗。 2. 天窗 3. 百葉窗 4. 橫拉窗 請直接提供 現場窗戶圖面 或是 窗戶照片含尺寸 給我們,我們將會協助您選擇合適的產品。


大致上,以下規格可提供客製化: 1. 電動推桿行程 2. 外觀顏色 3. 速度 ( 僅 KST-A01 ) 客製化商品的最低訂購量依客製化內容而有不同,請直接與我們聯絡討論。



想要諮詢電動開窗器系統 / 自然排煙窗

我們提供免費的電動開窗器系統規劃,請提供我們以下資料,我們團隊將會協助您選擇合適的產品及配件: 1. 案場窗戶圖面含尺寸 2. 用途:廠房連動開窗 / 自然排煙窗 / 遠端遙控開窗 / 住家通風氣窗 ... 3. 窗框材質、窗戶細節照片