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AOV, Automatic Window Opening Vent Systems For Different Types Of Buildings

Automatic Window Opening Systems are mostly installed for the following reasons: opening high-level windows, support for SHEV, Smoke And Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems, and controlling a series of windows in large buildings. 

Our products have been installed in over 200+ buildings. We have different mechanisms for different types of windows. Most of our window actuators have 24 VDC input which is supported for most window control systems. Soon Industrial also provides actuator controllers for solo or series control systems. 

Window Opening Systems could be installed in any building, including factories, storehouses, gyms, natatoriums, commercial buildings, residential buildings, schools, clinics, and stores. 

Let’s take a look at Window Actuators in different kinds of buildings!

Window Systems In Factories

Window Systems In Storehouses

Window Systems In Gyms / Natatoriums

Window Systems In Commercial Buildings / Offices