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wi-fi smart switch for new building

Wi-Fi Smart​ Switch

Wi-Fi Smart​ Switch KST-VZ-213S
​For KST Automatic Window Opening System

KST-VZ-213S smart wall switch

Features Of KST-VZ-213S

KST-VZ-213S - WiFi smart switch

Controlling through Wi-Fi Signal. The module does not need an additional gateway.

Friendly UI, operate each room's windows separately.

Supported by Related Products, Smoke sensors, temperature & humidity sensors, Cameras, door & window sensors.

Compatible with the most Voice AssistantGoogle AssistantSiri, ...etc.

Made in Taiwan,  the upgraded KST-VZ-213S Smart Switch is specially made for KST-B1 Control Units. The Wifi modular is provided from VIZO Smart in Taiwan.

Window Control Units w/ Smart Control...

There are control signal ports for KST-VZ-213S Smart Switch in KST Control Units.


With this additional Switch modular, people could upgrade their original Automatic Window Opening System to App Control on Smart Phones

The Smart Switch is usually been applicated in households, offices, stores, workshops, factories, showrooms…etc. 

Wi-Fi Smart Switch /
For KST Automatic Window Opening System

  • Remote control with APP on phone for Automatic Window Opening Systems or Devices with Electric Actuators. 

  • Work through the Wi-Fi signal. There is no need to buy additional gateway.

  • For starters of Smart Home system. 

  • Supported the most Voice Assistants, Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa…

  • Push Notification. Acquire the latest state of automated windows. 

  • ​The Smart Switch should work with KST Actuator Control Units.

  • KST-VZ-213S smart switch is with 3 years original manufacturer warranty.

  • Passed NCC certification in Taiwan, CCAH19LP2930T8. Taiwan Invention Patents, M585005, M511059, I602373.

※ Check Your Wi-Fi Router ※

① Only for Wi-Fi 2.5G, 802.11 b/g/n.

② Wi-Fi Protected Access is WPA2-PSK (AES).

③ SSID must be English letters.

④ SSID should not be hidden.

⑤ Activate DHCP server.

Related Products

For the starter of the smart home system. Setting various scenarios for controlling windows according to your everyday life.

​Wi-Fi Devices

KST-VZ-IPC2 outdoor camera

​Camera / Outdoor

Monitor the state of Automated Windows. Built-in Photo shooting, support to SD card, replay, alarm, two-way audio.


CMOS: 1/3" 

Resolution: 20MP

Focal L: 2.8mm F2.0

Video Stream: H264 1080p

​IP Rated: IP65

KST-VZ-IPC1 indoor camera

Camera / Indoor

Monitor the state of Automated Windows. Built-in Photo shooting, support to SD card, replay, alarm, two-way audio.


CMOS: 1/3"

Resolution: 20 MP

Focal L: 4mm F2.0

Viewing Angle: 115

Video Stream: H264 1080p​

KST-VZ-SK wifi smoke sensor

​Smoke Sensor

When the temperature is reached 50℃/ 122℉, it will be activated.


Operating  Temp: 0 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃

Alarm volume: 90dB

Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

​Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz

KST-VZ-AL wi-fi alarm

​Wi-Fi Alarm

There will be a warning alarm and fresh light when it has been activated.


Alarm Volume: 120dB

Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz

​Zigbee Devices

KST-VZ-ZG zigbee gateway


There should be Zigbee Gateway for Zigbee products.


Dimension: 90*90*23 mm

Adapter: 5V, 1A

RJ45 LAN Cable

Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n

KST-VA-DWS window sensor

​Door/ Window Sensor

Monitor the state of Automatic Windows with push notification.


Dimension: 35*40*18mm

Battery: CR2032, 1 pc

Low battery notification​​

KST-VZ-TMP KST-VZ-TMP ​Temperature Humidity Sensor

​Temperature / Humidity Sensor

Setting window automation according to the temperature and humidity of the indoor environment.


Dimension: Dia. 37mm

Battery: CR2032, 1 pc

Low battery notification​​

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