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wi-fi smart switch for new building

Wi-Fi Smart​ Switch
​For KST Automatic Window Opening System

KST-VZ-213S smart wall switch
KST-VZ-213S - WiFi smart switch

Controlling through Wi-Fi Signal. The module does not need an additional gateway.

smart home

​Friendly UI, operate each room's windows separately.

smart devices

Supported by Related Products, Smoke sensors, temperature & humidity sensors, Cameras, door & window sensors. 

voice assistant

​Compatible with the most Voice Assistant, Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa...etc.


Made in Taiwan,  the upgraded KST-VZ-213S Smart Switch is specially made for KST Automatic Window Opening Systems. The Wifi modular is provide from VIZO Smart in Taiwan.

There are control signal ports for KST-VZ-213S Smart Switch in KST Actuator Controllers.


With this additional Switch modular, people could upgrade their original Automatic Window Opening System to App Control on Smart Phones