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Parallel Window Controls In Different Zones 

Basic Mechanism Of Parallel Window Control System

One of the advantages of Automatic Window Opening Systems is to operate a row of windows at a time. The working mechanism was based on connecting several window actuators. And people could operate the windows manually by the wall switch


The Window Controllers For Controlling A Row Of Windows At The Same Time

Some Window Controllers are specially made for parallel window control. The controllers usually with larger loading of transformers to power several window actuators together. For example, the maximum current loading of KST-B14 and KST-B18 are 4 Amp and 8 Amp. Generally, the full loading of each KST-A01 linear Actuator is about 1 Amp. So KST-B14 can support 4 pcs of linear actuators. 


Separate Window Control System

Also, there are ports for connecting numbers of the same controllers together. Therefore, it's possible to controll all windows in the same room. The windows are usually divided according to the floor plan or fire safety plan. 

Demo Window Control System

Please refer to the following demo diagram. There are 3 rooms on the floor. The windows are also divided into 3 groups, Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3. People could open windows separately for the daily vent in each Zone. The controllers in each Zone are also connected to the central fire control system. When the smoke detectors are triggered, all windows will open automatically for the smoke vent. 


Further Applications Of Parallel Window Operation

Parallel window control systems are usually adopted in factories, storehouses, Gyms, Apartments, etc. Some factories integrated window control systems into the factory automation system and IoT Applications. For smaller buildings or households, people can connect the window controls to their smart home system.   

Important Notes

There are some important notes for parallel electrical window controls:

  1. The windows in each Zone should be the same size.

  2. The operating speed of Electric Actuators should be nearly the same.

  3. Before Opening or Closing the windows, people should check that there is no obstacle on or near the window frames.

  4. Inspect the Automatic Window Openers at least every 6 months. If any electric actuator fails to work, please stop any operation and immediately check the system.

  5. We can help you to review the window system planning before placing orders.

demo diagram