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Mechanism For Opening High Windows 

Important Of High Windows

The daylighting system is becoming one of the most important factors when designing a new building or renovating an old house. It could be fixed skylights, French windows, or high windows. Regarding great lighting for interior space, it is also vital that keep the inner space excellent ventilation. When these high windows opened, the warm air and humidity will get out according to the chimney effect. Most importantly, the cool and fresh air could be induced from lower windows. Therefore, the interior will be healthier for people to live or work.

Is It Difficult Opening Those High Windows For You?

It’s great that you’re living in a house window high window. It’s no problem to enjoy natural light. But is it easy for you to open those high windows without step on the chair or ladder? AUTOMATIC WINDOW OPENERS are here to solve these problems. With the electrical mechanism based on electric actuators, people could operate windows from switches, remotes, or smartphones. 

Which Type Of Windows Is Better To Be The High Windows?

According to your designer, weather, or outdoor environment, the high windows could be the most type of windows.  


Outward Opening Windows

This type of window is the most efficient type of ventilation. The opening area is the largest among other types of windows. The windows could be Top Hung Windows, Bottom Hung Windows, or Side Hung Windows. The Window Opening Systems are using linear actuators or chain actuators to pulling out the window sash. 

automatic window opener on high window
automatic window opener_high window_top
Smoke vent window - soon industrial - 3.

Jalousie/ Louver Windows

If the windows are jalousie windows, it is labor-saving to open larger windows. The cost of a one-unit automatic window opening system will be lower. People may keep the original insect screen when adding the electrical mechanism.

Soon Industrial automatic window opener
soon industrial - automatic window opene
Soon Industrial automatic window opener

Sliding Windows

The installation of KST-SL01 sliding window openers is the easiest and less wiring job. But the ventilation area is only half of each window. When the machine is working, it will not interfere with the insect screen.

automatic window opener_sliding window_h
automatic sliding window in kindergarten
soon industrial automatic sliding window

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are usually being designed in large per unit. If the skylights are openable, the technicians should put extra effort into leaking the problem when it is raining. Soon Industrial had worked with several skylight panel companies. One of these companies developed an Openable Skylight Modular, First Metal Products Industrial Co., Ltd. The modular was designed with a unique structure of roof ventilation when the window is closed. With the help of a linear actuator, people could open the skylights electrically. 

automatic skylight windows - 1
automatic skylight windows - 2
automatic skylight windows - 3

Example Of High Windows In A Garage

Here is an example of opening high windows electrically in a garage, with [1] high windows and [2] skylight windows, providing sufficient sunlight and natural vent area for the interior space. And there will be more [3] wall area for storage shelves and working tables.

From the exterior of this building, [3] high walls provide privacy for those working inside the building. But they could enjoy the sunlight and natural wind through [1] high windows and [2] skylight windows.

With automatic window opening systems, you may open only one vent window or a row of high windows by remote controller, wall switch, or cell phone.

window control for high windows
window control for high windows exterior view

Now, Improving Natural Vent With Just One Button

With the help of Automatic Window Openers, it becomes easier for people to open windows. Therefore, the usage rate of high windows will largely improve. People could get fresh air into their houses with just one button. You may operate the windows manually or setting your scenery on an additional Wi-Fi Modular.  

Cases Of High Windows For Natural Ventilation 

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Simple Diagram Of Window Vent System

Demo of Window Opening System - Outward