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KST-A02 Inline Design Linear Actuator, 24 VDC, 600 N

Light type, 600N, 24VDC, 50 to 300 mm
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Product Details
Brand: Soon Industrial
Motor Voltage: 24 VDC
RF Remote: Need additional actuator controller
Maximum Force: 600 N
Protection: Limited Switches on both ends
Wiring: 2 wire cables (M+, M-)


  • COMPACT SIZE with 60 kgf force. Volume downsizes to 53%. The net weight cut down to 71%. Much cost down the shipping costs.
  • The inner tube will NOT be ROTATED with TRACK inside while it was extending outward or retracting inward.
  • Made with precision machined spur geared motors with METAL GEARS from TAIWAN.
  • LOW WORKING CURRENT, min. is about 0.1 A (no-load).
  • Tolerance is less than 1mm, perfect for controlling a row of KST-A linear actuators IN A SERIES.
  • The product was protected by 2-LIMIT SWITCH on both ends. When the actuators are fully extended or retracted, the motor's power supply will be cut automatically.
  • Maximum pressure force is 600 N/ 60 kgf/ 135 lbf.
  • The bottom and top were sealed by Aluminum Alloy Die-castings. High strength, anti-corrosion. It was largely extending the lifespan of products.
  • Anti-rust. Cover by HIGH QUALITY of aluminum alloy with excellent anodized treatment.
  • IP54 rated good weather resistance for SEMI-OUTDOOR use. Protect against dust and splashing water.
  • Low noise with 52 dB.
  • SGS certified. Passed 100,000 cycles Endurance Test, Push Up Test, Compression Test, IP66 protection test.

Working Video

Soon Industrial On YouTube

Working Video of KST-A02 Inline Linear Actuator


  • Stroke length(optional): 150mm/ 200mm/ 250mm/ 300mm
  • Voltage(optional): 24 VDC
  • Materials: Anodised aluminum, stainless steel
  • Maximum dynamic load: 600 N/ 60 kgs/ 135 lbs
  • Minimum installation dimension: stroke + 215 mm/ stroke + 8.46 inches
  • Voltage/ Current: 24 VDC /0.1 to 1.2 A
  • Travel speed: 9mm/sec ( no load )
  • Duty cycle: 25%
  • Gear Type: Spur geared motor
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Noise level: 52dB

Customized Specs

  • Color of housing: With anodized treatment. MOQ 50 pcs.
  • Stroke Length: From 48 to 300 mm. MOQ 10 pcs.
  • Rod Material: Upgrade to SUS 304. MOQ 10 pcs.

*If there is any customized inquire, please contact us directly for your needs.

Choose Right Specs And Accessories For Your Applications

  1. OPTION 1 Stroke length of inner tube: 48mm/ 150mm/ 200mm/ 250mm/ 300mm
  2. OPTION 2 Brackets, please refer to brackets list page on our website:
    1. KST-BKT-0102: 1 pair, including front and rear bracket. For installing actuators on hung windows.
    2. KST-BKT-0405: 1 pair, including front and rear bracket. For installing actuators on jalousie windows.
    3. KST-BKT-06: 2 pcs. For UP & DOWN applications.
    4. KST-BKT-07: 2 pcs. For FORWARD & BACKWARD applications.
    5. KST-BKT-08: 2 pcs. Reinforcement steel sheets.
  3. OPTION 3 Actuator Controller, please refer to Actuator controllers list page on our website:
    1. KST-B861-R-72W: 72W, 24VDC output, 100V to 230VAC input, remote control. Max support for 1 to 2 pcs of KST-A01 Actuators.
    2. If you need to control many electric actuators at one time, please purchase KST-B1 Actuator Controllers separately.
  4. OPTION 4 Special Holder, KST-A02-H, Special Holder for KST-A02 linear actuator, optional
    • The special holders are for adjusting the direction of force slightly.

! Before Placing Order !

    • There're more details and cases of application on our website. Please check for more information.
    • Please confirm the available quantity, lead time, shipping method, and application before placing an order.
    • We are welcoming any questions about our products or linear actuator applications. Customers could consult with us for more compatible SPECs.
    • Our email: . We will get back to you within 24 hours.

!Returns And Complaints !

    • Any complaints referring to either the quantity or the quality of the delivered products must be made within 8 (eight) days after receiving the products.
    • Returns made as a result of Soon Industrial Co., Ltd. error will be accepted at our discretion. Soon Industrial Co., Ltd. will provide 1 TO 1 COMPLAINT for customers or make a deduction on the next order.
    • Returns are made as a result of customers, including ordered wrong specifications, quantity, style, etc. After noticing and accept by Soon Industrial Co., Ltd, the customer shall deliver back the products within 8 (eight) days after receiving the package. The returning should be well re-packaged with all assemblies, unused, no defects. Soon Industrial Co., Ltd. will make a refund after receiving and inspecting the returned products. There will be a 30% restock charge on customers.

!Warranty !

    1. The Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of product parts that Soon Industrial Co., Ltd. acknowledges as defective through equivalent re-manufactured Products.
    2. The Warranty for KST Series Electric Actuators and Actuator Controllers are 12 (twelve) months from the day of dispatch.
    3. The Warranty does not cover the following situations:
      1. Defects caused by fair wear and tear;
      2. Inadequate or abnormal use;
      3. Damage caused by carriers;
      4. Installed our products on defeats windows or electrical system;
      5. The carelessness of workman or customer;
      6. Incorrect use or installation;
      7. The use of non-original spare parts, actuators, and controllers.
    4. The customer shall do the product/ system maintenance at least every SIX months.
    5. Implementation terms: If customer finds out any defect which is not caused by the situation from Clause 3. & 4. Customers shall exercise their rights within 14 days after finding out the defect. And providing evidence of defect by videos, photos, or other methods and showing the copy of the purchase document/ invoice to Soon Industrial Co., Ltd. through email ( or letter (1F., No.239, Sec. 1, Defang Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412, Taiwan ). After accepted and confirm by Soon Industrial Co., Ltd., we will send new complaints to customers.
    6. The Warranty does not include indirect damage, loss of profits, loss of productions, people injury, or death resulting from negligence.
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