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Electric Jalousie Windows - SeaView Apartment, Busan, Korea

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

This case is in a sea view apartment located at Busan, Korea. Every apartment was designed a ventilation room for outdoor unit of Split Air Conditioner System. When residents turn on the air-conditioner, they could open the jalousie windows electrically for exhausting hot air. On the other hand, we people were going out, they could close the windows for preventing the sea wild blowing into their house.

There are 101 floors in highest building of the three buildings. The three building was just located beside the sea. People could enjoy the amazing view in there living room. Take into consider of the sea wild may cause salt corrosion for the linear actuator. We use KST-A01 linear actuators as the key trigger in the electric window opener system. KST-A01 linear actuators had passed salt spray test for 48 hours, which indicated the linear actuator can exposed under the natural environment for 2 years without getting rusted.

The outdoor unit of split air conditioner system are going to install in front of the jalousie windows. It will not easy for people to open the jalousie windows by hand. The contractor upgrade the windows into electrically operated through linear actuator. The resident can use remote controller to open or close windows. The site was installed over 1600 pcs of linear actuator in ventilation rooms.

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Basic information about the case - Sea View Apartment

- Located: Busan, South Korea

- Year of installation: 2018

- Application of linear actuator: natural ventilation with electric jalousie window opener, remote control

- Type of linear actuator: KST-A0106 linear actuator with stroke length 150mm

- Done by Louver Hitec, Korea

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