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Maximum Ventilation Area To 90% With Electrical Jalousie Window Openers

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We are going to discuss jalousie windows, which were made by aluminum frames. The leaves of jalousie windows could be aluminum, plastic steel, or glass. Open or close electrically base on linear actuators.

Installed electric window opener for high jalousie windows for ventilation

Why Jalousie Windows?

Aluminum Jalousie windows were for outdoor space, high winds, beach building, or security needs. Furthermore, the cost of jalousie windows is about half of the awning windows. Therefore, the factory owners usually choose to install jalousie windows. The mechanism of Electric Window Opening Systems for Jalousie Windows was based on linear actuators' motion and special brackets for jalousie windows. The system connected linear actuators with the moving bars of the jalousie windows. When the linear actuators were being extended, it will open the leaves of windows. Furthermore, when all the leaves are turning to 90 degrees, which maximized the ventilation area.

The Component Of Electric Jalousie Window Openers

Modified traditional jalousie window to electric jalousie window

If you would like to modify your traditional jalousie windows to electrical jalousie windows. There are components for upgrading:

1. Linear Actuator: usually with 50 mm stroke length.

2. Special brackets for jalousie windows: made by stainless steel for connecting linear actuator and jalousie window.

3. Actuator controller: control for "OPEN," "STOP," and "CLOSE." Or support for sensors or smart home system.

Hidden Or Exposed mechanism?

Some building owners are planning to install electric window openers at the beginning of building design. They are using electric jalousie windows with linear actuators or motor mechanisms inside the window frames. If you need to modify existing jalousie windows electronically. You could also install linear actuators outside the window frames. There are pros and cons of these two types of installations:

1. It easy for maintenance of exposed mechanism: excellent quality linear actuator usually with over 80,000 times of durability test. Sometimes, the brackets would be rusty due to the following environment: rainy, high wind, salty, humidity, etc. It will be more likely to fail. The exposed type is easier for maintenance.

2. There are various types of hidden mechanism window opening systems: There could be linear actuators inside the window frame or just motor trigger mechanism. Durability is very different. We suggest that people should choose products/ motors which passed the functional durability test.

3. One linear actuator for two jalousie windows: It would be much cost down with special brackets to push two windows simultaneously using one linear actuator.

4. Color of linear actuators are customizable: With the anodized treatment of particular color, we could make the color of linear actuators and brackets match window frames' color.

Rolling Shutter Or Exposed Electric Jalousie Window Opener?

1. Functions of rolling shutter: The angle of leaves is adjustable according to sunlight's location. When it is opened, the shutter will disappear from the outside.

2. Functions of electric jalousie window opener with linear actuator: The angle of leaves is also adjustable. When the window is opened, the leaves are turning 90 degrees. And provide security for indoor space.

3. Cost of manufacture and installation: The cost of rolling shutter is five times than of jalousie windows with linear actuators. Therefore, it is the top choice for the factory owner or commercial buildings.

Cases Of Electric Jalousie Window Openers

👉Case 1 - Storehouse

The warehouse was majorly for storage. There are three special applications of electric jalousie window openers: 1. 1 linear actuator control two jalousie windows; 2. one linear actuator for controlling about 2-meter height jalousie window; 3. The manager could use a remote controller for controlling all windows of the warehouse.

👉Case 2 - Factory

The factory was designed as a ventilation shaft on the roof with electric jalousie windows. The system was for natural ventilation of warm air on the top of the factory. The ventilation area was about 90%. It could be close by a remote controller when it's rain or snow. Each linear actuator could control two windows.

👉Case 3 - Piggery

The piggery was located in the north of Korea. There will be snow during the winter, but hot in summer. Therefore, cold-proof and ventilation are both very important. The owner both installed positive ventilation facilities and electric window openers for improving natural vent.

👉Case 4 - Commercial Building

This commercial building was designed with an atrium in the center. The opening area will introduce large natural light and natural ventilation. Make every floor embraced by great air and sunshine. The rooftop was installed with fixed louver windows for ventilation. But the ventilation effect was low and cold air would quickly enter the building in winter. They change all the louver windows to electric jalousie windows. Control all windows easily from the center panel. The automated window opening systems were providing fantastic natural vent in summer and well cold-proof in winter.

👉Case 5 - Office

The office was located on the first floor. The company needs to reinforce security but also like to keep the natural light and ventilation. Therefore, they installed electric jalousie windows outside their original windows. The manager could open or close all windows quickly by remote control. When it closed, providing excellent security for the office.

👉Case 6 - Household, sundance louvered roofs

In the sunny southern United States, people need some shade, but they would like to keep well vent and little natural light. With this electrical sundance, louvered roofs. People could adjust the angle of leaves according to the sunlight electrically. When it is raining, the top could be fully closed by push a button on the switch. For more details: https://www.rain-out.com/louveredroofs

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