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How To Open Sliding Windows Electrically?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Sliding windows are one of the most common types of windows. We could see Sliding Windows in households, offices, factories, classrooms, or gyms. In general speaking, sliding windows are with the following advantages:

1. Great for natural light

2. Cost down

3. There will be a space for install screen windows

4. Window frame is removable for rinse

5. Space-saving when it's opened

6. Easy to pull or push with built-in window rollers

Therefore, sliding windows are with excellent structural for installing #AutomaticWindowOpeners. Before the automatic window openers specially made for sliding windows, people use #LinearActuators to pull and push window sash electrically. It's very abrupt for windows. When the machine was installed on the top window frame, the windows will be tilted when the electric window opening system was working. After a certain period, it will reduce the service life of windows.

Recently, a new type of electric window opener was specially made for sliding windows. The product was developed based on the structure of sliding windows. The mechanism was connecting the window sash and window frame by special brackets. The window opener will push/ pull the window sash stably by the spindle inside the instrument. Furthermore, the length and color of the products are customizable. Make the system seem like one-piece on the sliding windows.

The electric window openers could either control by #remoter or #smartphones. Easily for opening high windows for natural ventilation. Furthermore, the product could connect with the smart-home system and setting each situation for opening or closing windows automatically.

Cases of automatic window openers for sliding windows

1. Gym of elementary school

Automatic window openers for sliding windows installed at the gym in elementary school

The new gym was designed with many high sliding windows for natural ventilation. But some of them are 3-storeyed high. Even climbed on, ladders could not reach these windows. Therefore, they decide to install automatic window openers for these high windows at the gym. People can operate all of the windows by wall switches or remote controllers. Make all windows play their role in improving ventilation.

This elementary school was located in the north of South Korea. There will be snow season in winter. The building installed two layers of windows for keeping out cold air. Besides, the temperature is getting higher and higher in summer during these years. It's crucial for improving natural ventilation for the gym in the summertime. Therefore, windows must be open or close easily at any time.

2. High windows in the garage of a villa

The garage windows are usually using high windows for safety and privacy reason. Therefore, the place will be low lighting and lousy ventilation. Install high sliding windows as transom could make much better of the light and ventilation for the garage. There is another problem with opening high windows.

There are many house owners eager to looking for opening windows electrically. Automatic window openers are made for this situation! People could either by manual control or connecting the windows with the smart home system with the new mechanism. Setting multiple scenarios of the open or closing window, when people arrive home, out of work, raining, or air-conditioner opened. Make windows work automatically according to your lifestyle.

3. Windows in high ceiling showroom

There is no high building next to the wood workshop. Therefore, the designer was designed high windows on both sides. Make sure great natural light and ventilation for the interior space. They were also installed automatic window openers for each window. Let the store owner easily open windows every day by remote controller.

4. Transom of classrooms with smoke ventilation function

Photo by http://s-school-yaps.blogspot.com/2018/01/blog-post_97.html

Traditional classrooms in south Asian schools were usually designed with two rows of sliding windows. Students have to climb on the window frames to open the top windows. There is a better solution to open and close these transoms. Reduce the risk of students falling and getting hurt.

The above picture is a case in a lecture hall of the school. There were installed automatic sliding window openers for each transom. Furthermore, all window openers were connected to the smoke ventilation system. According to smoke ventilation regulation, when smoke happened, windows must open automatically for ventilation increase the possibility for people to escape.

5. High Windows In Jewelry Store

For high ceiling space, there are usually designed with high windows for improving natural vent. People could not open it conveniently. Therefore, these windows are never opened.

In this case, there are two sliding windows in a higher place. The store owner would like to control these windows at the same time. After installed 2 Sets of KST-SL01 Automatic window openers for sliding windows, we connect the control signal wire for simultaneous control. When there are off-peak hours, or during spring/ autumn seasons, the store owner may open windows easily for vent without any air-conditioner.

7. High Windows On The Top Floor Of Townhouse

This building is a re-decorated old townhouse. The designer added additional windows on the top floor for natural vent and introducing skylight. For safety and privacy reason, the window is very short. On the other hand, the house owner may keep the window open all day long for ventilation.

With KST-SL01 Automatic Window Opener for sliding windows, people can use a remote controller for operating windows. If there is a smart home system, the product provides signals supported for most of smart home systems. You may control your windows through the app on the smartphone.

7. High Windows In Large Warehouse

There are about 30 sliding windows in this warehouse for the natural vent. But these windows are too high to reach and too many.

KST-SL02 Automatic Window Opener is a budget-saving option for building with a series of windows. The central controllers are two sets of KST-B18-R actuator controllers, operating all windows efficiently with a wall switch or remote controller.

Conditions for install automatic window openers for sliding windows

1. The material of window frame is made of aluminum

The accessories of automatic window openers are made by stainless steel with about 3 mm thickness. It will be much durable when it's mounting on aluminum frames rather than plastic steel windows.

2. Check windows are all functional before installation

There should not be any deformation of window frames or any obstacles on the tracks. Usually, the maximum force of automatic window openers is about 20 kgf. But if there is any deformation or obstacles. There were many possibilities of cause damage to both window frames or window openers. Therefore, it's essential that check the functions of windows before installation.

3. There should be window rollers on the bottom of window sashes

The window rollers for sliding windows make people easier to push or pull windows. It's also providing smooth moving for windows on the track. Automatic window openers for sliding windows were designed to install on the bottom of the window frame. This design ensures the machine work more smooth and stable.

4. Space for " L shape fixing brackets"

The " L shape fixing brackets" are for mounting window opener on the window frame. There should be at least 5 cm height on the bottom window frame for installation.

5. The space between "special window sash bracket" and electric window opener

There will be an " adjustable knob bracket " for fixing on the window sash once connected with the " U shape bracket " of the window opener. The machine could open or close the window electrically. The space between the " adjustable knob bracket " and " U shape bracket " should be less than 1.5 cm.

6. Sockets near windows

Suppose you are designing a new building or going on the renovation of an old house. Please put a socket near your windows for automatic window openers.

For more details of automatic window openers for sliding windows:

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