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Chain Type Electric Window Opener - In An Elementary School

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

chain actuators_school_1
chain actuators_school_1

For windows, the width is over 90 cm. We recommend using dual chain actuators as the mechanism of electric window openers. The dual chain actuators push windows through both the right and left chains. It will push out or pull back the window more stable and smoothly.

The new elementary school was designed with many high windows in the corridor with chain actuators' help. They could operate the windows through remote controllers to improve ventilation for the corridor area.

chain actuators_school_2
chain actuators_school_2

The maximum force of KST-C02 dual chain electric window openers is about 600N (60kgf). These products are usually for larger or wider windows. The window opener can restrict the opening range of windows in case of accidents of any student falling.

chain actuators_school_3
chain actuators_school_3

Some machinists will install two single-chain actuators on the same windows instead of dual chain actuators.

IIn this case, every chain actuator was the built-in remote control panel. People can synchronize a row of windows by setting actuators into the same channel.

The brackets on the bottom were designed for most sizes of window frames. There is an extra pole for onsite adjustment.


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Basic information about the case - High Windows In The Corridor Of Elementary School

  • Located: Busan, South Korea

  • Year of installation: 2019

  • Application of linear actuator: natural ventilation with electric awning window opener, remote control

  • Type of linear actuator: KST-C02 Dual Chain Actuator

  • Done by Louver Hitec, Korea

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