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Smart Window Opener System In Eco-energy Show Room Of College

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology cooperated with workers from Tokushima ken, Japan. Using the unique china fir in Tokushima as basic material for constructing. Constructed the structure by joggle joint technic without any nail. This building is for Sustainable Smart Campus Data Exhibiting Center. Monitoring all energy consume in the campus.

This building also integrated smart building system with lights, windows, temperature sensors, humidity sensor, smart meter, interactive projection mechanic, and smart power supply. When visitors comes, this showroom will go into presentation mode automatically. Open and close windows depend on the temperature, humidity setting on system. Improving ventilation for the interior space. Make visitors feel comfortable when during visiting.

The showroom was designed a row of windows on the top for natural ventilation. They installed automatic window openers for controlling all windows through smart home system. Therefore, these windows provides well natural light and ventilation for interior space.

We choose KST-C-R series chain type linear actuators as automatic window openers. This product was with built-in remote control. Especially for opening awning windows. When it open, the hot air on the ceiling could exhaust to outside, and let cool air coming from lower windows. Cool down the environment without any air-conditioner.

KST-C series chain type window opener is very easy for installation. With our special mounting brackets for window sash and frame, people could install the actuator on window easily. This type electric window openers are common in luxury house in European, Australia for opening skylights.

The length of chain is 300mm, for opening the window to about 45 degrees. We also provide customized length of chain actuator for different size of windows or opening angles. The material of chain is made of nickel-plated steel for pull or push 40 kgf.

The main difference between linear actuators and chain type actuators as automatic window opener are installation and noise. Chain type automatic window openers are easier for installation but also quieter. Especially suitable for quite showrooms or campuses.

KST-C series chain type automatic window openers are with DIY packages, including special mounting brackets and screws. You only need to prepare electric drill by yourself.

More about KST-C series chain type automatic window opener:

Basic information about the showroom of eco-energy in campus

  • Located: Taipei, Taiwan

  • Year of installation: 2018

  • Application of linear actuator: natural ventilation with awning windows

  • Type of linear actuator: KST-C0112 chain type electric window opener with stroke length 300mm

  • Done by Soon Industrial, Korea

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