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Open Those Windows Where You Couldn’t Reach

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Introducing Automatic Window Openers For Modern Buildings at Taiwan Expo 2018

Automatic window openers are more accessible to open skylights or other high windows. It also plays an essential role in smoke ventilation when a fire happens. Soon Industrial, a professional automatic window opener manufacturer from Taiwan, will introduce the KST series automatic window openers at Taiwan Expo 2018 in Indonesia.

KST Series Automatic Window Openers” are applications of “linear actuators.” By connecting linear actuators and actuator controllers. People can easily open high windows with a remote controller. The administrator can control all windows in factories or public buildings with only one button. The actuator controller of Soon Industrial supported 24V DC sensors. For instance, smoke, rain, wind, and temperature sensors. Therefore, it’s easy to turn the traditional windows into smart home windows. People can set windows automatically close/ open when a fire happens, raining, strong wind, hot weather.

KST-A01 series is inline design linear actuators. Soon Industrial hid the motor inside the tube, providing better outlooking and protection. It has passed the “100,000 durability test”. Each linear actuator can push/ pull 80 kgs, which is much more than the weight of an average adult. Built-in spur geared motor is made in Taiwan, low noise, low current consumption, and long lifecycle. KST-A01 linear actuators upgraded version also passed the “Salt Spray Test,” which’s suitable for coasting environment buildings.

Soon Industrial will introduce 6 main products at Taiwan Expo 2018 in Indonesia. Including linear actuators, single/ dual chain actuators, IP 65 rated linear actuators, and electric sliding window openers. Soon Industrial’s product is also available on “” now. Search “Pembuka Jendela Otomatis” on now. Or visit Soon Industrial in person at Taiwan Expo 2018, held at the Jakarta Convention Center (Exhibition Hall A & B), booth 420, from March 29- 31, 2018. For more information:

Soon Industrial_Taiwan Expo 2018
Soon Industrial_Taiwan Expo 2018

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