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Providing Excellent Ventilation For The Office. Let Employees Begin Working With Fresh Air

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Which is the first thing to do when entering the office, open windows or turn on the air conditioner?

The joint study from Harvard and other research centers, "Economic, Environmental and Health Implications of Enhanced Ventilation in Office Buildings." There are some significant benefits of improving ventilation for an office building: improving the productivity and health of employees.

When ventilation is increased from 20 CFM to 40 CFM, the employees' decision-making performance increases 8%. This means they improved equally to USD 6,500 productivity each year, apart from the benefits on working performance. Bringing fresh air into the office will reduce the VOCs and germs in the air. People will get much healthier, and sick leave days will also be reduced.

Improving ventilation by opening transoms is less costly than circulation fans or other ventilation equipment.

A South Korea manufacturer has produced a power supply unit that will increase the natural ventilation for the office area. They changed all the transom to the motorized louver. Make it easier for people to open high windows.

Soon Industrial automatic louver
automatic jalousie windows_office_1

The windows in the office have been divided into three parts:

  • The top is electric jalousie windows as transoms for exhaust the warm air.

  • The bottom is easy to open awning windows for excellent air inflow.

  • The center is picture windows for introducing natural light into the office.

Soon Industrial automatic louver
automatic jalousie windows_office_2

The engineer installs KST-A01 series linear actuators for louvers by automatically pushing and pulling the linear actuator to open and close the louvers.

Soon Industrial automatic louver
automatic jalousie windows_office_3

The owner also installs ventilation fans beside the louvers for more efficient ventilation. Exhaust the warm air around the ceiling.

Soon Industrial automatic louver
automatic jalousie windows_office_4

In this case, the engineers from Louver Hitec use KST-B18-R actuator controller with a built-in remote control function. There is an 8A transformer in the controller, which could parallel up to 10 linear actuators simultaneously. People could easily use a remote controller to operate all louvers.

Soon Industrial automatic louver
automatic jalousie windows_office_5

Basic information about the manufacture, South Korea

  • Located: Gyeonggido, South Korea

  • Year of installation: 2018

  • Application of linear actuator: natural ventilation with louver

  • Type of linear actuator: KST-A0106 linear actuator with stroke length 300mm

  • Quantity of actuator: about 22 pcs

  • Done by Louver Hitec, Korea

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