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Electric Louvers, turn the business building cool in summer and warm in winter without air-con

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Woolim e-biz center is a business building located in eastern Seoul. There're many offices for small companies.

This building is also the first corporation between 주식회사 루바하이텍 ( Louver Hitec ) and Soon Industrial Co., Ltd.

Woolim e-biz center was designed with an atrium. Introducing large natural light and natural ventilation. Make every floor embraced by great air and sunshine.

Take a look from the bottom to the top. The skylight was built by a transparent skylight, which provides great natural light indoor.

And both sides of the top floor was installed fixed shutter for ventilation. In winter, it's usually below zero in Seoul. It was freezing for all workers and increasing the use of heating. Therefore, in this renovation, they decide to replace the old shutter to the electric louvers. Operate the louvers according to the weather. Make the building cool in summer, and warm in winter without extra air-con or heating.

The recreation area on the roof of Woolim e-biz center. There are 144 louver windows on both sides. One KST-A0106 linear actuator for every 2 louvers. With the special mechanism design by Louver Hitec. Each linear actuator could open 2 louvers. The engineers used 72 pcs KST-A linear actuators in this case.

The engineers of Louver Hitec replacing the old shutter to the electric louver windows.

The special mechanism is hiding inside the frame. The engineer should extend the inner tubes before installing on louvers. Make sure the louvers will close very tightly during operation.

After finishing the installation of all KST-A01 linear actuators, the engineers connect the linear actuators to the central control system. Every leaf could open to 90 degrees, ensure the best natural ventilation for the business building.

Basic information about the natatorium of Woolim e-biz center, South Korea

  • Located: Seoul, South Korea

  • Year of installation: 2017

  • Application of linear actuator: natural ventilation with electric window openers

  • Type of linear actuator: KST-A0106 linear actuator with stroke length 150mm

  • Quantity of actuator: about 72 pcs

  • Done by Louver Hitec, Korea

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