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Those Expositions In Which Soon Industrial Participated

On The Building Expositions

We have participated in many building expositions since 2016. At the events, we bring our latest products to the world and introduce them to the local customers. There will be experts from various fields in the building industry, including window factories, fire protection companies, constructors, interior designers, and architects. We can discuss the automatic window opening system face to face during expositions. And people can see and try our sample automatic windows directly. Our window systems have been modified yearly according to the feedback from customers on the shows and installation technicians on window projects.

The Expositions We have Participated In

Mainly, we will engage in building expositions. Before covid-19, we will attend 1 to 2 overseas exhibits yearly. We will be in the Taipei building show and the Kaohsiung building show in Taiwan.

The lists of expositions we have participated:

  • Windows Doors & Facades Event, UAE, 2016

  • Houston Build Expo, USA, 2016

  • BEX Asia, Singapore, 2017

  • Kaohsiung Building Show, Taiwan, 2017-2019

  • Taiwan Expo, Indonesia, 2018

  • Smart Asia Taiwan, Taiwan, 2018

  • Taipei Building Show, Taiwan, 2018-2021

  • Taichung Building Show, Taiwan, 2019

  • WorldBex, Philippines, 2019


At our booth, you can see our latest automatic window opening systems. The systems are based on the different types of electric actuators, KST-A linear actuators, KST-C chain actuators, and KST-SL track actuators. They are used for opening outward opening windows and sliding windows electrically. The window systems can be triggered by a fire signal, manual switch, RF remote controller, or APP on the smartphone.

Previous photos of our expositions

Please check our YouTube video:

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