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Smoke Vent System In Regional Health Center. Also Improving The Natural Vent

Updated: May 19, 2022

automatic window opener_top hung windows_smoke vent_health center_soon industrial
automatic window opener_top hung windows_smoke vent_health center_soon industrial

Smoke Vent System Divided into Small Area

The regional health center as a public building is must build with a smoke vent system, which is directly vented to the outside. As the above picture shows, the site was still under construction. In the beginning, this floor is a fully opening space. Make it more flexible for the office area in the future. The window systems are designed to control two top-hung windows, 4 linear actuators, by one manual switch. Therefore, people can operate windows according to the workspace.

automatic window opener_top hung windows_smoke vent_health center_soon industrial_2
automatic window opener_top hung windows_smoke vent_health center_soon industrial_2

Smoke Vent System For A Row Of Same Windows

Suppose you do not want to divide the window control into too many units. You may design the window system as the picture above. The 8 windows are controlled by only one manual switch. The system was powered by two actuator controllers on 16 pcs linear actuators.

There is a BUT for a large system: If there are more linear actuators in one system, you have to consider the quality of linear actuators. The speed of every linear actuator should be almost at the same speed.

Latest Product, Lighter KST-A02 Linear Actuators

The health center was installed KST-A02 Linear Actuators as an essential mechanism of the smoke vent system. The products have limited switches at both ends, which make sure that every linear actuator runs through the same travel length and cuts the power supply for the actuators. Also, the product adopted metal gear motors, which will be more precise and durable. According to the durable test from SGS, the product passed over 100,000 cycles test.

There is one more advantage of KST-A02 linear actuators. The body is shorter and thinner than KST-A02 linear actuators. The product is more suitable for windows that are shorter than 50 cm.

KST-A02 Linear Actuators
KST-A02 Linear Actuators

About The Wiring

The wiring is usually pre-wired in the wall or hiding in the ceiling. After the ceiling construction is done, the wiring will be tidier. The control boxes are generally hiding in the ceiling, too.

Smoke Vent Windows For Daily Vent

It is usually suggested that the smoke vent windows should generally close. It is to make sure that the system can work well when it is an emergency. But during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important to keep the interior space well ventilation, especially in a public building. Therefore, people also open these windows to vent every day. Providing a more safe space for medical staff but also people coming to the health center.

Generally, the smoke vent system was based on good quality linear actuators and controllers installed by experienced technicians. The system is usually durable under standard operation.


Basic information about the case of Automatic Windows in a Regional Public Health Center

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