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Automatic Windows Work With Shelly Plus 2PM

We had many inquiries about integrating Window Actuators with Smart home applications. Jay Basen, one of our customers, showed us how to operate Automatic Window Openers through Sherry Plus 2PM on your smart home app.

Article: How to Automate the Operation of Your Smart Home Windows by Jay Basen

Items need for the smart home integration

  1. Smart home processor/ hub

  2. Window actuators, 24 VDC motor (Product used in this article: KST-SL02 track actuator)

  3. Sherry Plus 2PM

  4. 4-channel relay board

  5. Power supply for 24 VDC

Working Diagram

©Jay Basen, How to Automate the Operation of Your Smart Home Windows,

Scription for demo

Please refer to the last paragraph of Jay's article.

Video Of Automatic Sliding Window Opener With KST-SL02 Actuator

The case was done by another customer, Mike Swan, from Templeton Group Ltd (California.)

Other Automatic Window Openers with 24 VDC motors

Soon Industrial also provided products for different types of windows.

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