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During Covid-19, How To Make It More Easier To Open Windows For Improving The Vent In Schools?

Updated: May 20, 2022

Improve Vent In Schools With Automatic Window Openers

Students are going back to school this fall. Excellent #NaturalVent has become one of the most crucial factors for providing a safe environment for students. There are many areas for different purposes in school, a large gym, library, subject-based classrooms, preschools, and daycare centers. Most of these space was designed with #HighLevelWindows for improving natural vent of interior space. In the beginning, the constructors didn't install automatic window openers on these windows. Therefore, the usage rate of these windows is usually very low.

Improve ventilation is one of the guild lines for safe schools. According to

"Schools should improve airflow as much as possible by opening windows and doors. Child-proof fans can help improve ventilation and blow potentially contaminated air out".

There are different #AutomaticWindowOpening systems for different windows, top-hung windows, sliding windows, and jalousie windows. With the help of #WindowActuators, teachers or students can open the high level instantly.

Case: Children's Charity_With Top Hung Windows

Top Hung Windows / Simultaneously Operation / Natural Vent / KST-C01 Chain Actuators

Case: Astronomy Classroom_With Top Hung Windows

The astronomy classroom has changed the old windows to larger top-hung windows. The larger opening space is for the astronomical telescopes. In the meantime, it also increased the vent are for the classroom, with the help of Automatic Window Opener systems based on KST-A01 Linear Actuators. The teacher can operate a row of the windows at the same time.

Case: College Building_Top Hung Windows & Side Hung Windows

Case: High-Level Windows In A Preschool

The new preschool is still under construction. They are going to open for 122 kids this fall. There is a high ceiling space for integrative activities. There were installed many high-level windows to induce natural light and fresh air to the interior space. We also installed automatic window opening systems as a part of the smoke vent system. The system helps teachers easier to open these windows for improving ventilation and blowing potentially contaminated air out.

Case: Library In A School Library

There is a row of sliding windows in the attic of the library. According to the #StackEffect, the warmer air could be extracted from these windows and let fresher and cooler air enter the library from lower windows. When it is off-peak, teachers can open windows for vent instead of using HVAC. With the help of Electric Window Openers, we could easily open windows with a button. The wall switch was covered by an acrylic case, which prevents from accidentally touching or students operating the system by themselves.

We installed Automatic Window Opening System, which is specially made for Sliding Windows. The system was based on KST-SL02 Track Actuators by connecting a series of identical KST-SL02 actuators and operating all windows simultaneously.

Case: Automatic High Windows In Teachers' Office

It's also important to improve the natural vent in the teachers' office. These windows were also a method for sunshade. By adjusting the opening angle, people could also manually change the sunlight.

Case: Automatic Sliding Windows In A Large Gym

The gym was about 3 Story in height. These windows increase the natural light and natural vent for interior space after installing Automatic Window Openers on sliding windows. We could change the opening range according to the weather or temperature. During the covid-19 pandemic, many school gyms are open for vaccination. With the help of the Automatic Window Opening System, we can open all windows and make the interior space well vent. The windows are installed KST-SL01 Automatic Window Openers for Sliding Windows. The product was a built-in anti-pinch function. If there is any object on the track of windows, the machine will stop immediately to protect products and windows.

Case: The Electric High-Level Windows In A Preschool

Sliding Windows / Simultaneously Control / KST-SL02 Track Actuator for sliding windows

Case: The Electric High-Level Windows In A Lecture Hall

Sliding Windows / Simultaneously Control / Support for Smoke Vent / KST-SL02 Track Actuator for sliding windows

Case: The Electric High-Level Windows In A School Kitchen

Top Hung Windows / Simultaneously Control / Support for Smoke Vent / KST-A02 Linear Actuators

Case: High Electric Sliding Windows In A Day Care Center

Sliding Windows / Simultaneously Operation / RF Remote control / High-level windows / KST-SL01 Automatic Window Openers For Sliding Windows

Case: Electric Windows In The Corridor Of A Primary School

Top Hung Windows / Simultaneously Operation / Natural Vent / KST-C02 Dual Chain Actuators

Case: Electric Windows In A Gym

Top Hung Windows / Simultaneously Operation / Natural Vent / KST-A01 Linear Actuators


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