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Design Great Natural Vent Structure For Residential. Electric Window Openers Solve 80% Vent Problem

Before building your dream house, great ventilation is one of the most important issue you have to take into serious consideration. With great ventilation, you could enjoy following benefits: 1. Keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter. Reduce the reliance of air-conditioner; 2. Dehumidity indoor environment naturally; 3. Extrust duty air and CO2; 4. Enjoy fresh air and relax in your dream house!

In common residential, architect or interior designer usually design automatic window openers for following space. Which could increase the ventilation area of indoor.

1. Ventilation room: Room for HVAC outdoor units.

2. Bathrooms

3. Garage

4. High windows

5. Smart home application with window control

Let's the following residential cases with automatic window openers.

1-1 Ventilation Room

There is over 100 floors seaview apartment in Haeundae, Korea. Each apartment was with central air conditioning system. Therefore, the apartments were designed a small room for HVAC outdoor units. When air-conditioner is running, residentials can open jalousie windows of the ventilation room accordingly for exhausting warm air. The jalousie windows were installed automatic window opener based on linear actuator. People can easily open or close windows with remote control.

1-2 Roof vent

The newly built villa was located in deep mountain. The temperature varies much from day to night. The house owner design a little attic for ventilation. Keep warm air on the roof when it's cold or at night and avoiding direct sunlight / high temperature in daytime. We installed chain type electric window opener for the windows in attic. The house owner could control windows by remote controller for ventilation anytime. The structure of roof design was similar to the article: A Crush Course In Roof Vent.

2-1 Skylight window in bathroom

This case is a newly renovated townhouse. The space for opening windows and keep your privacy in the same time is very rare. The designer had found the precious space on the top floor. For bathroom ventilation, natural ventilation with large scale of windows is better than any other positive ventilation facilities. In the meantime, bathroom with windows will largely increased the value of house. The designer also installed automatic window opener for the skylight window. It's easier for people to open skylight. Enjoy their secret little space in the city.

2-2 High window for keep the bathroom dry

The other case of bathroom ventilation with automatic window openers is the newly completed villa. Each bathroom was designed with high windows for ventilation and introducing natural light. They also installed automatic window openers for opening the high windows.

3 Garage ventilation

The first floor of townhouses in Taiwan were usually been design as garage. Under the consideration of privacy and security reason, it's enclosed space. Now, people try to introduce some natural light and fresh air into their garage through high narrow windows. Largely improving lighting and air-flow. For high sliding windows, we installed electric window openers which was specially designed for sliding windows. With the help of electric window openers, people could control the windows electrically. Keep the garage with fresh air and sunlight!

4 -1 High windows of stairwell

Stairwell with large windows will greatly improving the air circulation and daylighting for townhouse. For these high windows in this case, we installed chain type electric window openers for casement windows. It's easy to control windows by wall switch. And when the windows are closed, it's hard to open from outside. Enhance the security of townhouse.

4 -2 Electric roof hatch

The rooftop of villa or townhouse are usually for water tank, HVAC outdoor units or solar panels. Traditionally, it's was construct with heavy stainless steel plate and vertical stairs. When worker was climbed on the stairs, it must be very carefully to open the heavy steel plate. Now, we could open the heavy steel plate electrically base on linear actuators.

4 -3 Skylights to rooftop

Skylight windows are one of top 5 list of most people's dream house. Besides the abundance of natural light, it's also encourage the air-circulation of entire house. If you are going to design skylight for your dream house. There are numbers of details of install automatic window opener. Make sure that consulting with electric window opener supplier first before the skylight design.

5 Integration with Smart home system

Connecting electric window openers with your smart home system. You could easily control all windows though your smartphone. People could set up customized scenario including the motion of windows or doors. When you back home, windows and doors will open automatically for natural ventilation. When air-conditioner is operating, windows or doors will close accordingly. There will be so many scenario with windows automation. With automatic window openers, you could adjust your home more elasticity.

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