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Use Automatic Window Openers For Improving Natural Ventilation/ Smoke Ventilation In Factories

(Last update: 11th May 2022)

One of the essential factors in planning a new factory is a great built-in ventilation system. To provide a comfortable working environment for workers. Some factories will open those windows, especially for the Smoke Vent, to improve the daily vent. According to the related regulation in Taiwan, these windows should be normally closed. It is to make sure that the window opening systems will work well when there is an emergency.

Ventilators For Factories In Taiwan

1. Turbine ventilator for natural ventilation

A turbine ventilator can pull out the heat around the ceiling by the spinning blades. Therefore fresh cool air could come inside through lower doors and windows.

2. Circulation ventilation

Circulation fans for interior ventilation.

3. Exhaust fans in wall or roof

Exhaust heat and dirty air by fans and let cool fresh air supply by windows and doors.

The methods above are all based on the stack effect. Therefore, we should make sure that a large opening area for ventilation. The opening area can be either by windows or doors. Make the ventilation mechanisms work more efficiently.

How do we choose the types of windows for factories? You can take the following factors to consider: natural light, #VentilationArea, cost, and security. The most common windows are outward opening, jalousie, and sliding windows.

Why do the factories need to install Automatic Window Opening Systems?

There're several reasons that the owners of factories need to install automatic window opening systems for their factories:

  1. It will be easier for the factory managers to operate many windows electrically.

  2. A part of the fire system. The window systems usually play an essential role in the smoke vent.

  3. Open high-level windows electrically for natural ventilation.

How to extend the life span of automatic window openers?

Our automatic window opening systems are based on Electric Actuators and Control Units. Under the following conditions, the mechanism can stand for about 5 years:

1. Select high-quality linear actuators and control units.

There're several types of window actuators for different kinds of windows. KST-A01 Linear Actuators with built-in metal gear motor; KST-C Chain Actuators are the most popular window actuators worldwide. And KST-SL Sliding Window Openers.

2. Install the right travel length of linear actuators according to the dimension of the windows.

To open the windows stably, we should use the right travel length of linear actuators and fix it on the proper location of window frames. Since the window frames are various on the market. The decision is better made by experienced engineers. In general, we suggest that the dimension of each window is less than 1 square meter. If the windows are located in a windy place or high floor. Smaller windows would be better than large windows.

3. There should be 2 linear actuators for the width of windows is over 60 cm.

The force to push out and pull back will be more stable even if there are 2 linear actuators on both sides. Or the frame of windows will be distorted day after day.

4. The quality of mounting brackets and the engineers are also crucial.

The thickness of our stainless steel mounting brackets is about 3 mm. The projects we had done in Taiwan are installed by engineers whose experience is over 10 years.

5. Regular inspection of the structure of window frames, actuators, and control units.

Like other machines, the automatic window openers will wear and tear after years of use. The most common reasons cause the system failure. Like the frames of windows have been distorted. There are objects on the windows. And forgot to close the windows when it is raining.

Projects Of Automatic Window Openers On Different Types Of Windows

We had done several cases of automatic window opener systems in factories. Let's take a look at these applications:

1. Outward Opening Windows/ With Linear Actuators

The advantage of outward opening windows is excellent natural light for the interior and a larger vent area. We installed linear actuators as electric window opening mechanisms on windows. We can open and close windows by extending and retracting the inner stroke of linear actuators.

In order to open the windows to the angle, you need. We will calculate the travel length of the linear actuator, the dimension of windows, and the fixing location of the mounting brackets. The system should be installed by experienced experts or carefully pre-consultation.

High-quality linear actuators are durable for daily use. Under normal use, the products can stand for about 5 years. We strongly recommend that 2 actuators for each window. With 2 actuators, the window frame will not be distorted but also provide a well airtight.

We can operate many windows by connecting linear actuators with the same control unit. Our control units support signals to the central fire system or receive the signal from smoke sensors. Also, the managers of factories could efficiently operate all windows when going to work or getting off work.

👉 Case 1 / Outward Opening Windows / Smoke Vent In A Factory

Special Features: Support for smoke vent system in the factory. The window openers do not interfere with the overhead traveling crane.

Case 2 / Outward Opening Windows / Attic Vent In A Factory

Special Features: The windows are designed for attic ventilation. Installed an additional holder on the KST-A01 linear actuator. The large opening area was divided into two rows of windows. (More about the case)

Case 3 / Outward Opening Windows / Smoke Vent In A Factory

Special Features: Open rows of smoke vent windows. Smoke vent windows application in the office.

Case 4 / Control Units/ Wall Switch

Controller For Smoke Vent: KST-B1 Series

Wall Switch: KST-WS-A120

2. Outward Opening Windows/ With Chain Actuators

Compared to the system based on linear actuators, the chain actuators are easier to install. The maximum force is about 40 kgf, only half of the standard linear actuators. But it is enough to pull & push most windows in the market. Chain-type actuators are popular in Europe, North America, and Australia as electric window openers. Extending and extracting the chain could open or close windows very quickly. In general, the maximum length of the standard chain is less than 40 cm. After consultation with our account managers, we could customize the length to 60 cm.

There are several versions of KST-C01 Chain Actuators: DC24V for parallel application in factories or offices; AC110V/220V with a built-in remote control panel for households. We recommend choosing dual chain actuators, KST-C02 Chain Actuators, as automatic window openers for those windows that are over 100 cm in width. It was with 2 chains for pulling and pushing large-scale windows.

Case 1 / Natural Vent / A Company In South Korea

Special Features: Our partner company in South Korea, Louver Hitec, did the project. They installed the chain actuators on these very high-level windows. The chain actuators they installed were with built-in remote receivers. People can control the windows with a remote controller.

Case 2 / Natural Vent / Smoke Vent/ A Factory

Special Features: Operate a row of windows electrically. Chain actuators with a long travel length of chain open the windows more widely.

3. Jalousie Windows / With Linear Actuators

There are 3 main advantages of jalousie windows with aluminum leaves: (1) against the strong wind, (2) anti-theft, and (3) large vent area when all leaves are opened. You can also change the aluminum leaves to glass leaves or acrylic leaves. In that case, jalousie windows are also great for providing natural light for the interior.

Automatic jalousie windows work by using linear actuators to pull the connecting bar of leaves. When the linear actuator is extending, the leaves will be opened. Usually, we use linear actuators with 48 mm stroke length. We will connect the window frame with the actuator with special brackets for electric jalousie windows.

Case 1 / Natural Vent / Attic Vent / A Factory In South Korea

Special Features: Improve the natural vent through the jalousie windows in the factory's attic. People can adjust the opening angle slightly to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

Case 2 / Smoke Vent / A Factory

Special Features: The jalousie windows have insect screens, keeping the mosquito out of the factory. (More about the case)

4. Sliding Windows / With Track Actuators

Sliding windows are the most common window types in Asia. First, They provide great natural light. Second, the cost of the standard sliding windows is cheaper than other types of windows. And the window opening mechanism will not interfere with the insect screens on the other side of the windows. But the ventilation dimension is only half of the entire window.

Now, we launched a new product specially for sliding windows based on track linear actuators. We hide the spindle tube in an aluminum case, accompanied by special brackets for sliding windows. Make it much more suitable for opening and closing sliding windows.

The new KST-SL01 Automatic Window Opener for sliding windows is for individual windows in households. The products are with anti-pinch protection function. If the window occurs any objects when it is moving, the machine will stop immediately and move backward for 10 cm. This mechanism can both protect people and windows.

The other one is KST-SL02 Automatic Window Opener for sliding windows. The second one is for projects that need to operate a row of windows simultaneously. We connect many KST-SL02 actuators to the same control units.

Case / Smoke Vent / A Factory

5. Skylight Windows / With Linear Actuators

This product was from First Metal Products. It is a set of Modular Skylight Windows with KST Automatic Window Opening Mechanism. The bottom aluminum frames were made of unique structures, which could keep a tremendous natural vent when the window was closed. (More about the case)


More About Our Automatic Window Opening Systems

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