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Improving Natural Ventilation For Factories - Cases With Automatic Window Openers

In order to providing comfortable working environment for workers who are working in factory. One of the most important factor in planning new manufacture is great built-in ventilation system. The following facilities are commonly seen in Taiwan:

1. Turbine ventilator for natural ventilation

Turbine ventilator could pull out the hot air around the ceiling by the spinning blades. Therefore fresh cool air could come inside through lower doors and windows.

2. Circulation ventilation

Using circulation fans for interior ventilation.

3. Exhaust fans in wall or roof

Exhaust hot and dirty air by fans and let cool fresh air supply by windows and doors.

Above methods all are based on the principle of air flow. Therefore, providing a large scale of opening area for ventilation is very important. Either by windows open door. Make the effect of ventilation mechanisms more working efficiency.

When choosing the window types for factory, the following factors would be taken consideration: natural light, vent area, cost, and security. Therefore, the most common window types are outward opening windows, jalousie windows and sliding windows. With automatic window opener systems, managers could control all windows from central control system. It's also easily to open high windows with electrical mechanism. Additionally, regarding to smoke ventilation regulation, the window opening systems should be connected to smoke alarm system. We had done several cases of automatic window opener systems in factories. Let's take a look of these applications:

1. Outward opening windows with linear actuators

The advantage of outward opening windows are great natural light for interior and with larger scale of vent area. We installed linear actuators on windows. Open and close windows by the extending and retracting of inner stroke. For widely opening windows with strong force. Since it's take some calculation and experience for installation. It's should be install by experience experts or carefully pre-consultation.

Excellent made linear actuators are for daily use. And they're durable for over 5 years. We strongly recommend that 2 actuators for each window. With 2 actuators, window frame will not been distorted, but also providing will airtight function.

Connecting all linear actuators with parallelable actuator controller, we could control all windows or windows of specific area, sent signal to central control system and receiving the signal from smoke sensors. Manager of factories could easily operate all windows when go to work or get off work.

2. Outward opening windows with chain type actuators

Chain type actuators for automatic window openers are easier for installation than linear actuators. Although the maximum force is only half of standard linear actuator, but it's could pull & push most windows in the market. Chain type actuators are popular in European, North America, and Australia as electric window opener for skylight. Mounting product on the bottom of window frame and connect the top of chain with the window sash. With the extending and extracting of chain, we could open or close windows very easily. The maximum length of standard chain is less than 40 cm. We could customized the length to 60 cm after consultation with our account managers.

There're several version of chain type electric window openers: DC24V for parallel application in factory or office; AC110V/220V with built-in remote control panel for household. For those windows are over 100 cm width, we recommend choosing dual chain actuators as automatic window openers. It's was with 2 chains for pull and push large scale windows.

3. Jalousie windows with linear actuators

The top 3 advantage of jalousie window with aluminum leaves: against strong wind, anti-theft and large vent area when all leaves are opened. If you change the aluminum leaves to glass leaves or acrylic leaves, jalousie windows are also great for providing natural light for interior.

Automatic jalousie windows are working by using linear actuator to pull the connecting bar of leaves. When linear actuator is extending, the leaves will be opened. Usually, we use linear actuator with 50 mm stroke length. Connecting window frame with actuators with special brackets for electric jalousie windows.

4. Sliding windows with track linear actuators

Sliding windows are the most common window types in Asia. They provide great natural light, low-cost and keeping screen window. But the vent area is only half of entire window. Some factories were installed linear actuator on the bottom or center of windows for electrical operation system. Now, we launched new product specially for sliding windows based on track linear actuators. Hiding the spindle tube in aluminum case, accompanied with special brackets for sliding windows. Make it much more suitable for opening and closing sliding windows.

The new automatic window opener for sliding windows are with anti-pinch protection function. If window occurred any objects when working, it will stop immediately and back for 10 cm. This mechanism will both protect people and windows. There're two version of electric window opener for sliding windows: DC24V for parallelable operation system and AC110~230V with built-in remote control panel.

Besides of positive ventilation facilities, it's important that ensure there is enough vent area for cool and fresh air inflow. With automatic window openers we could control many windows at the same time. Connecting windows with various sensors for automation system, like wind & rain sensors, smoke sensors, temperature sensors and air sensors. Also it's could for smart home application. Operate windows with your smartphone. Open high windows will not be troublesome anymore.

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