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Electric Skylight Windows On The Top Of Atrium For Vent And Natural Light

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

automatic skylight windows in a clinic_1
automatic skylight windows in a clinic_1

The 5 floors regional clinic was designed with an atrium for improving natural vent and inducing natural light. According to the STACK EFFECT, when the windows are opened, they will extract warm air and enhance the natural vent of the interior space.

TURBINE VENTILATOR vented the original vent system. Since the opening area was too small, the chimney effect was limited. It was for improving the natural vent and smoke vent when it is fire. The engineers replaced the turbine ventilator with electric skylight windows.

The skylight windows were huge. They installed 8 pcs KST-A01 linear actuators on each side. The maximum force of each KST-A01 linear actuator was about 80 kgf. Robust stainless steel frames must make the frame for supporting the whole system.

automatic skylight windows in a clinic_2
automatic skylight windows in a clinic_2

There are 2 KST-B18 controllers installed on the 1st floor. Each controller support 8 pcs of actuators. The manager can open operator windows from the 1st floor. The wall switch was covered by a transparent case to prevent it from inadvertently touching.


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