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House By The Beach, Are You Ready For Anti-Salt Spray Corrosion?

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Having a beach house is the dream for most people. But the salt and moisture in the sea ​​breeze will cause severe damage to buildings. In addition, after years of the breeze from the sea, there will be corrosion to beach houses. Therefore, choosing anti-salt spray corrosion building material and regular maintenance is crucial.

According to architect Geoff Woolcock from Australia, "Anything that's exposed and can be in contact with that salt-laden atmosphere needs to be particularly well protected from the effects of corrosion." Maintenance can include:

  • Cleaning windows more frequently.

  • Regularly checking on the structural adequacy of balconies and decks.

  • Looking for any signs of corrosion or rot.

The scale of wind force is also a big issue. Over 7 Beaufort scale is standard for people who live by the beach. How strong is it? A gale of over 7 leaves will shake the trees, and it's hard for people to walk on the street.

Usually, the beach houses, hostels, stores, or factories will install an additional aluminum louver outside the windows. There are several advantages to using louver windows—the Sun shading by adjusting the angle of blinds. Prevent the dust and wind into buildings. And it's also a solution to security issues. Suppose you would like to mount actuators on windows for electric window openers. The actuator must be anti-salt spray corrosion and strong enough static force.

KST-A01 series electric actuator of Soon Industrial, which passed 48 hours salt spray test. It's equalizing 2 years in the natural environment. KST-A01 series electric actuator was made of high-quality anodized aluminum. Aluminum with anticathode treatment is abrasion-resistant and anti-oxidant. After 2 years of use with proper maintenance, there will be no apparent rust on the appearance.

SGS Reliability Laboratory followed ASTM B 117-16 to apply the test. Used 5 wt. % NaCl continued to be sprayed on KST-A01 for 48 hours. There was no oxidant or corrosion on the appearance.

KST-A01 series Electric Actuators could be customized to IP 66. The maximum force is up to 80 kgf. It's the best choice for beach buildings or facilities. To prolong the product's durability, we strongly recommend regular maintenance on actuators.

linear actuator for jalousie windows
Sea View Residence in Haeundae, Busan. Installed KST-A01 for electrically open the jalousie windows in ventilation room

linear actuator for jalousie windows
A factory in industrial area where is nearby the sea. Installed KST-A01 linear actuator on jalousie windows for open a row of high window electrically for ventilation.


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