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The SHEV System In A Large Plant

Updated: May 23, 2022

Typical SHEV projects of a factory

The newly built factory was about 42,700 square feet, 4 times the old site. The new factory installed Automatic Window Opening System from Soon Industrial. Both for supporting smoke vent and daily vent.

Automatic window openers in a large plant
Automatic window openers in a large plant

Automatic window openers bases on chain actuators

The largest inner area was 4 stories in height. It was for the Automatic Storage Retrieval System and production area. We installed Chain Type Window Actuators on these windows. The system was mainly from the daily vent.

Comparison of window actuators

The critical difference between the system based on chain-type actuators and linear actuators:

  1. The chain actuators are screwed on the bottom of the window frame. It is more concise.

  2. The chain pushes back the window sash for the center of the bottom, which makes the airtightness better.

  3. Each window installs only one set of chain window actuators, not two linear actuators. Which can primarily reduce the installation work.

Automatic window openers based on linear actuators

We installed the system based on KST-A01 and KST-A02 Linear Actuators in the showroom and office area. The linear actuators were customized color, dark gray. We set the opening angle to about 80 degrees on this size, almost equal to 100% opening area. People can only leave the tiniest opening in the winter. Installing two linear actuators on each sash can push and pull the windows more stably on both sides. And also increase the degree of airtightness.

Cooldown the factory through the natural vent from automatic windows

The factory is located in Kaohsiung, where the average temperature is about 26 ~ 32 degrees Celsius. The window system could improve the natural vent for the interior space. Providing a more pleasant environment for the workers.


Basic information about the case of Automatic Windows in a large factory

Type of window: Top Hung Windows

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