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SHEV System In A New MRT Station

Updated: May 24, 2022

The SHEV system in the new MRT station

THE New MRT system in Taichung is going to operate next year. We have installed the Automatic Window Opening System as a part of the SHEV system in some stations. For the opening area in the MRT station, the windows will regularly open for daily ventilation. Bring cool and fresh air into the station and improve the natural ventilation, which can provide a comfortable environment for passengers and save the cost of the central air-conditioning system.

The advantage of KST-A01 Linear Actuators

The station installed KST-A01 Linear Actuators. The housing has anodized treatment, which is the same as the window frame. The mounting position of every linear actuator should be the same. This is for visual consistency and to protect the motors in each linear actuator. KST-A01 Linear Actuators are built-in Limit Switch on both ends. When it comes to either end, the engine inside will stop working immediately.

A Standard Automatic Window Opening System

The photo shows the standard wiring of the automatic window opening system, including the linear actuators, control units, and the manual switch. If there are window drawings, we can provide advice on wiring. And before it's our turn to install the window opening system, all the electrical wiring should be done, including wiring for the electric actuators, actuator controllers, and wall switches.


Basic information about the case of the SHEV system in MRT

  • Located: Taichung, Taiwan

  • Year of installation: 2020

  • Application of linear actuator: Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation, SHEV system, natural ventilation

  • Type of window actuator: KST-A01 linear actuator

  • Type of window: Top hung inward opening windows

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