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Upgrade the Jalousie Windows Into Electrical Operation In A Factory, Which Becoming A Part Of SHEV

Updated: May 19, 2022

smokevent_factory_automatic jalousie windows
smokevent_factory_automatic jalousie windows

Electric Jalousie Windows As A Part Of Smoke Vent System

Some factories or architects will design jalousie-type windows as a part of the smoke vent system. Usually, it is very light to open a large window by hand. Therefore, we install one KST-A01 Linear Actuator for each window sash or every two window sash. In general, we use linear actuators with 50 mm travel length. Connect the actuators with the moving bar in the jalousie windows. The mechanism can fully open the leaves electrically.

In the above picture, the leaves on the windows are fully opened. These windows also connect to the fire system. The windows will automatically open for the #smoke vent in an emergency if the smoke detector has been triggered. These high-level windows are also an excellent way for improving natural vent and lighting.

smokevent_factory_automatic jalousie windows_2
smokevent_factory_automatic jalousie windows_2

The jalousie windows are also a changeable sun shading and heat.

Additional Insect Screen

The windows are installed with additional #InsectScreens. Insect screen is very crucial for buildings in Taiwan. There is no need to make any modifications to the insect screens. Only cut a slight hole for connecting the actuator and moving bar by special brackets.

From the comparison picture, we can see the installation difference between jalousie windows and top-hung windows. The traditional smoke vent windows, based on top hung windows are difficult to install additional insect screens. The bottom part of actuators will interfere with the original location of insect screens.

Will Rain Damage The Automatic Window Opening Mechanism?

There are motors inside each linear actuator. Most window actuators are #IP54 rated, protecting the product from water splashed. But the IP54 rated actuators could not keep the humidity out of the linear actuator when it is working(extracting nor extending.) Regarding the electric jalousie window, the location of linear actuators is always in the interior space. There is no worry that the rain will splash the rod of actuators. We also suggest that keep the actuators out of a humid environment.

The Advantage Of Jalousie Type Windows As Smoke Ventilation Windows

1. Cost: LOWER. We install one KST-A01 Linear Actuator for each window sash or every two window sash.

2. Strength / Durable: Lighter and Durable.

3. Insect screen: There is no need to modify the insect screen.

4. Weather Resistance: The chance of rain splash on the rod of linear actuators is less.

*** This article is for reference only. For smoke vent system planning, please consult with local Fire Protection Engineers about your case.

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