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  • Automatic Skylight Windows | Soon Industrial

    > Window Systems > Automatic Skylight Windows > KST Series Automatic Window Opener​ ​Window Controls For Skylight Windows/ Roof lights 1 Automatic Skylight Window Modular w/ Window Frames This product is a set of Modular Skylight Window with KST Automatic Window Opening Mechanism . controls on skylight windows or roof lights. Post not marked as liked 5 Electric Skylight Windows On The Top Of Atrium For Vent And Natural Light

  • High Windows | Automatic Window Openers | Soon Industrial

    It could be fixed skylights, French windows, or high windows. When the machine works, it will not interfere with the insect screen. 1/1 Automatic Skylight Windows Skylight windows are usually designed in large per unit. Soon Industrial worked with several skylight panel companies. But they could enjoy the sunlight and natural wind through [1] high-level windows and [2] skylight windows

  • Automatic Window Openers | Window Controls | Soon Industrial

    2 AUTOMATIC WINDOW OPENERS FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF WINDOWS Outward Open Skylight Jalousie Outward Open VENTILATION BY AUTOMATIC WINDOW OPENERS The building could exhausting hot airs by opening high windows or skylight

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  • Electric Skylight Windows On The Top Of Atrium For Vent And Natural Light

    The engineers replaced the turbine ventilator with electric skylight windows. The skylight windows were huge. They installed 8 pcs KST-A01 linear actuators on each side. Type of window: Skylight windows ©Soon Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • It's so easy to open the skylights of the Natatorium

    The Natatorium was designed with skylight windows to provide excellent indoor ventilation. The wires were pre-arranged to every skylight. Corrugated pipes have protected all the cables. window openers, the engineers tested all of the electric actuators to synchronize the motions of all skylight stroke length 300mm Quantity of actuator: about 36 pcs Done by Louver Hitec, Korea #linearactuator #skylight

  • Air And Architect, 10 Tips To Improve The Natural Ventilation. With Automatic Window Openers

    Cocoon House embraced with rain, wind, and daylight In Taiwan, the density of the population is very Inside this skin, space was left for rain, wind, and sunlight to shine through. interiors, especially during the summer months. ( More about this project ) ( More About Automatic Skylight

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