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Air Flow With High-level Automatic Bottom Hung Windows In A Company Building

Updated: May 23, 2022

Bottom Hung Window Systems

The British company building was located in Miaoli, Taiwan. There are several rows of #HighLevelWindows, and the type of windows is #BottomHungWindows. These windows are for Smoke Vent and Natural Vent. The advantages of bottom hung windows:

  1. The windows are better for the warm air out of the interior space.

  2. It labor-saving to open these large windows.

automatic window systems for bottom hung windows
automatic window systems for bottom hung windows

There is a spacious dining area on the first floor. We install KST-A01 Linear Actuators as a critical mechanism to open these bottom-hung windows electrically. The inline designed actuators were fit perfectly next to the window frames.

Windows For Smoke Vent

There were a few meeting rooms on the second floor. We also installed the Automatic Window Openers for the windows. It will be easier to open high-level windows to improve daily ventilation. The KST Window Control Systems also support for SHEV system. The smoke detectors being triggered, windows will open automatically for an emergency.


Basic information about the case of Automatic Windows in the Company Building

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