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Electrically Opening Large Side Hung Windows

Added electric window opening system on casement windows were usually on requirements of ventilation regulations. Automatically opening windows for smoke vent when smoke/ fire happened. It could be a convenient method of opening a row of windows for daily vent.

Advantages of electric window opening systems on side hung windows:

1. With larger opening area for vent: The window hinges are on the side frame. Therefore, the windows may designed bigger than 1 square meter.

2. It is more labor-saving: With only one linear actuator may open about 0.5 square meter window. If you installed two linear actuators on the top and bottom, the windows will closed more tightly. The lifespan will be longer for windows but also window frames.

Case 1: In The Elevator Hall Of A Apartment

The vent area of each window is about 1.5 square meter. With one KST-A01 linear actuators on each sash, the electric window opening system could open stably and close tightly. As for the Wall Switch, with the protection of transparent case to prevent from inadvertently touch. Attentions, before opening or closing windows, please make sure there was no obstacle on window frame.

Case 2: Community Center On The Top Floor Of A Apartment

The apartment was design an open space for residents. All windows were been installed two KST-A02 linear actuators for electrically operation. With two actuators make there windows stand the high wind pressure on high floor. The window system not only support for smoke vent, but also for daily natural vent. All KST-A02 linear actuators were made with customized color, which were been anodized treatment to gunmetal grey.

Case 3: Eldercare Center

The eldercare center was been renovated recently. All windows were replaced by stainless steel window frame. With the help of electric window opening system. the elders could operate windows by themselves without any help of staffs.

Case 4: College Building

This casement window is located on the end of aisle. The window opening system is not only for smoke vent, but also for improving natural vent of building. Bring fresh and cool air inside the building. With additional handle made for KST-A01, the each window could open to about 85 degrees.

If you are considering install automatic window openers on your windows. Please send us: photos/ drawing with dimension of your windows. We could help planning electric window operation system for you. Improving the daily vent by easily opened high windows.

Products Been Used In These Cases:

Linear Actuator: KST-A01 Linear Actuator, KST-A02 Light Linear Actuator

Window Controller: KST-B1 Parallel Actuator Controller

Wall Switch: KST-J-WS/C Wall Switch with Case

Done By: Soon Industrial Co., Ltd.

Year: 2019

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