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Natural Vent In Kindergarten. Electric Window Opening System On High Windows

Updated: May 24, 2022

Improve the natural vent during covid-19

During Covid-19, schools in some countries are still open. There are a lot of precautions to be taken to prevent infection. One of the safeguards is to keep classrooms in excellent ventilation. The high windows are seldom being opened because it's hard to reach.

In this case, we installed Automatic Window Opening System specially made for sliding windows in a kindergarten. With the help of window openers, teachers could open windows easily and time-saving.

Installing window actuators on the high-level windows in the classroom
Installing window actuators on the high-level windows in the classroom

Window actuators for a row of sliding windows

KST-SL02 Track Actuators is a cost-efficiency choice for opening a row of Sliding Windows. Our team connected the actuators, which are in the same area.

window actuators for sliding windows
window actuators for sliding windows

Since the maximum force of each KST-SL02 is about 20 kgf, we suggest that it's better to install it on high windows. Before opening or closing windows, people should check that there is any obstacle on the windows track. We also added protective cases on the wall switches in case of any mistouch.

Teachers could control windows easily after installing Electric Window Openers on the high windows. It's very beneficial for the daily ventilation of interior space. Introducing fresh air and keeping healthy.


Basic information about the case of Automatic High Windows in Kindergarten

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