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How to install KST-SL01 Automatic Sliding Window Opener By Yourself

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

It's very easy to install KST-SL01 automatic sliding window openers. With our DIY set, it just need to take about 30 minutes for installation. Let's start!

KST-SL01 automatic sliding window opener DIY set will include following items:

KST-SL01 track linear actuator: 1 pc

Remote controller: 1 pc

Transformer: 1 pc

- (A) Window frame connecting bracket: 1 pcs

- (B) L shape fixing bracket: 1 pcs

- (C) 18mm screw: 4 pcs, for fixing (B) on the window frame

- (D) Twin adhesive: 2 pcs, for fixing KST-SL01 track linear actuator on window frame temporally

- (E) Transformer fixing bracket: 1 pc, For fixing transformer on wall

- (F) 29mm screw: 2 pcs, for fixing (E) on the wall

- (G) 10mm screw: 8 pcs, for fixing (A) on the window sash

- (F) Anchor for 29mm screw: 2 pcs, for fixing (E) on the wall

Step 1: Fix (A) Window frame connecting bracket on the window sash

  • Prepare item: (A) connecting bracket and (G) 4 pcs of 10mm screws.

  • The window must be closed during whole installation process

  • Find suitable location to instal (A) on the bottom window sash

  • Mark the position of (A) and use power drill to screw (G) on the window sash.

Step 2: Trying hook KST-SL01 track linear actuator with (B) L shape fixing brackets

  • Use (B) L shape bracket to hook the top of KST-SL01 track linear actuator

  • And click the bottom of (B) L shape bracket on the body of KST-SL track linear actuator

  • If you learn how to hook track linear actuator with (B) L shape bracket. Then going to next step for officially installation.

Step 3: Fixing KST-SL01 on the window frame

  • Use (D) twin adhesive to stick (B) L shape bracket on the window frame temporary.

  • Turn the stick of (B) on the U shape bracket, to make sure the bast position of all components

  • Get the best position of (B) L shape bracket.

  • Then separate (B) L shape bracket and KST-SL01 track linear actuator.

  • Use (C) 18mm screws to fix (B) L shape brackets on the window frame. ( Note: you could find self-tapping screws instead of (C) 18mm screws for aluminum window frame. )

  • Hook KST-SL01 track linear actuator on both of (B) L shape brackets. You might need to push a little bit harder. There will be a "click" sound when the brackets and actuator are fixing perfectly.

  • Turn the stick of (A) connecting bracket on the U shape bracket which is built-in in track linear actuator.

  • Connect the transformer with track linear actuator and AC power supply.

  • Try to operate your window with remote control.

  • It's finished! How easy it is.

Product details: Automatic Sliding Window

Where to buy: Soon Industrial, Amazon

Working video on youtube: Automatic window opener for sliding window

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