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Automatic Window Opener In Cottage

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

The coast cottage was built with large windows to enjoy the wild Seaview in Taiwan. The windows are about 1-meter square. Therefore, the windows are too heavy to open with one hand. The house owner installed automatic window openers on TOP HUNG WINDOWS based on KST-A01 linear actuators by himself. The linear actuator is with 400 mm travel length. And the whole opening angle of windows is about 90 degrees.

The automatic window operation system was with one small controller - KST-B861-R, for 1 to 2 (actuators) control. The controller also with remote control receiver. People could use a remote controller within 15 meters in an open space.


Basic information about the case of Cottage

Located: Taitung, Taiwan

Year of installation: 2018

Application of linear actuator: natural ventilation with electric awning windows, remote control

Type of window actuator: KST-A01 linear actuator.

Type of window: Top Hung windows, outward opening windows

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