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Electric Window Opener For Awning Windows - In Gym

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

This gym was installed chain type electric window opener 10 years ago. Now, most of the actuators was out of order. We installed KST-A01 linear actuators for replacing the old machines. The opening range was 2 times larger than the original actuator. After installing KST electric window openers, it largely improving the natural ventilation of interior space.

We separated the windows into 7 zones. People can control windows easily through the wall switches.

The KST-B18-R actuator controller was built-in remote control function. People can also use the remote controller for operating windows together.

For prolonging the lifespan of linear actuators, we strongly recommend install 2 linear actuators for each window. There're several advantages by installing 2 linear actuators on each windows: opening and closing more smoothly, window can close more tightly, prolonging the lifespan both for windows but also for the actuators.

Here are some checklists for yearly maintenance:

1. Is the window frame are working will?

2. The fixing brackets on the top and the bottom of linear actuators.

3. Is the screws for fixing the brackets rusted?

4. Is the linear actuators are working smoothly?

5. Is the connecting wires to the controller and wall switch still intact?

6. The transformer inside the actuator controller still working well.

If there is any defect happened. Please contact the experts for fixing the defect immediately for keeping the whole mechanism working soundly and safely.

Basic information about the case of Gym

Located: Taipei, Taiwan

Year of installation: 2019

Application of linear actuator: natural ventilation with electric awning windows, parallel control, remote control

Type of window actuator: KST-A01 linear actuator.

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