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Open The High Windows With Chain Window Actuators. Get Some Fresh Air In The Mountain Temple

Updated: May 23, 2022

Improve the vent of lobby in a temple

The temple is located in a mountain in Taiwan. There is a lobby for visitors to take a rest. This spacious area was designed with many windows for natural light and well ventilation. We installed #ChainTypeWindowOpeners to open a row of top-hung windows for the high-level windows. When the windows are opened, the fresh and mountain air will be easily induced to interior space.

Automatic high-level windows in a temple
Automatic high-level windows in a temple

According to #stackeffect, the warmer indoor air will rise up through the open windows. And let the cooler air enter indoor from lower windows. With better #NaturalVentilation, the temperature and humidity will be more comfortable for people.

The high-level windows are too high for people to open without a ladder. After installing chain-type window openers, people can easily open a row of windows from switch buttons. In winter, people could only open windows slightly to keep minimized vent for interior space.

Window system based on chain actuators

The top hung windows were installed KST-C01 Chain Actuators. All actuators have been connected together to a KST-B1 Controller. Therefore, we can operate many windows at the same time. The system also could be a part of #smokevent#SHEV system when fire happened.

chain window actuators
chain window actuators

The opening range of window sashes is depended on the length of the chain. The standard length of the chain is from 20 cm to 60 cm. If the chain of length is longer, the body of the actuator will be longer too.

We are welcome any consultation about automatic window openers. Please provide us the window drawing with dimensions. We could help you select the right specs for you.

chain window actuators for the high-level windows
chain window actuators for the high-level windows

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Basic information about the case of Automatic Windows in a Temple

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