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How to open the windows in high ceiling retail stores? Automatic window opening system for side hung

It makes customers more comfortable when they are in high ceiling retail stores. The high ceiling spaces are usually with many high-level windows. How to open these windows for improving the natural vent of interior space becomes a new problem when doing the renovation. Automatic window opening systems are here to solve the problem.

In the following project, the high ceiling retail store had a row of side hung windows. It's easier for the window actuators to open the window sash. And the electric window opening mechanism can open the windows to a wider opening range. We installed KST-A02 Linear Actuators on both the top and bottom of the window sashes to open the windows electrically. These linear actuators are with customized color, and we do another anodized treatment to iron grey.

The KST-A02 Linear Actuators are a new series of KST-A01 Linear Actuators. We downsized the linear actuators' volume and kept the push and pulling force at 60 kgf.

The windows can fully open to about 80 degrees with the help of window actuators. When windows are opened, it significantly improves the natural vent of the interior space. The opened high ceiling windows can also cool down the temperature. Make it more comfortable for your customers and workers without an air-conditioner in cool weather.

The owner of this store was going to operate windows individually. Therefore, we use KST-B861-R Controller as a control unit in the window system. The KST-B861-R controller can work 1 to 2 pcs of KST-A series linear actuators. There are switch buttons on the top of the panel. People can also use RF remote control to open or close windows.

The systems are an excellent way for a daily window opening to improve the natural vent in regular use. Please note the following notifications before triggering the window system:

  • Make sure that there is no obstacle on the frame of the windows

  • Check the mechanism, window frame, and brackets on the windows every half year.

With correct installation and careful maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of the automatic window opening system.


Basic information about the case of Automatic Windows in a high ceiling retail store

Located: Taichung, Taiwan

Year of installation: 2020

Application of linear actuator: natural ventilation, High windows

Type of window: Jalousie Windows

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