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Build A Showroom With Abundant Natural Light & Good Ventilation By Automatic Window Openers

Updated: May 23, 2022

Smoke Vent System In A High Ceiling Show Rooms

The showroom is one of the new buildings in a newly established Innovation Park. The showroom building was located at the entrance of the park. It was a reception center and showroom for the industrial park. The building was designed to spacious space and surrounded by french windows. There was also a row of #CeilingWindows for improving the natural vent of the interior area. With the help of automatic window openers. It is easier for people to open these high-level window. When it is the off-peak hour, people can turn off the HVAC and open windows to save electrical energy. The lower windows could also introduce cooler wind to make the space more comfortable for people.

smoke vent system in a high ceiling show room
smoke vent system in a high ceiling show room

The Automatic Window Opening System As A Part Of Smoke Vent

The ceiling windows are top-hung windows. We installed KST-A01 Linear Actuators as a fundamental mechanism to open and close the windows electrically. Every window was installed with 2 pcs of linear actuators. When the system was working, the window's motion will be more stable and durable. The linear actuators had been connected to KST-B1 Actuator Controllers for controlling the windows simultaneously. There is a port for the fire system in the controller. It is also a part of the #SmokeVentSystem.

People could operate the windows from wall switches. There are 3 buttons, open, stop, and close. For daily ventilation, people can control the opening range manually by the switches.

Precautions Of The Automatic Window Opening System

The installation technicians are specialized and experienced in Automatic Window Opening System Installation. Ensure the construction quality. Before any operation, please note that there is no obstacle on the windows. Running inspection every 6 months. One of the most important things is, Do close the windows when it is raining!


Basic information about the case of a showroom in a innovation park

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